This Is The Future Of Final Fantasy XI


Today, Square Enix held a press conference which detailed the Future of Final Fantasy XI with the “Vana’diel Project”.

Rhapsodies of Vana’diel

First it was announced that the last add-on scenario, Rhapsodies of Vana’diel for Final Fantasy XI is coming this May. The scenario will have three chapters and will release in May, August, and November. Rhapsodies will serve as the pinnacle of the Final Fantasy XI story, bringing together elements from its thirteen year long history.

Rhapsodes of Vana’diel is not a disc based expansion or premium downloadable content.

The November update, which includes the last chapter of Rhapsodies, will be the last major update that Final Fantasy XI will receive. The Windows version will continue to receive smaller balancing and bug related updates.


Square Enix then announced that service for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 will conclude in or around March 2016. A series of appreciation campaigns will take place known as the Goddess’s Gala as a special thank you to players who have stepped into Vana’diel at some point in its life.


Final Fantasy Grandmasters

The lights at the conference dimmed and a new trailer begins to play… and Final Fantasy Grandmasters is revealed- a brand new mobile title that takes place in the world of Vana’diel. The beta will begin sometime next month. Currently this title is planned for Japan only.


Final Fantasy XI Mobile Project

Lastly, it was announced that Final Fantasy XI would become playable via mobile devices, becoming an MMMRPG, Massively Multiplayer Mobile Role Playing Game.  Partnering with Nexon, this adaptation of Final Fantasy XI will optimize features for mobile devices including a touch interface and improvements to core FFXI systems such as jobs and skill chains,  to create a more user-friendly experience. There will also be something they’re calling dynamic events added to the game. FFXI Mobile is scheduled to release in Japan, Korea, North America and European and Asian regions.


You can read a digest of the conference on the official forums here.

8 thoughts on “This Is The Future Of Final Fantasy XI

  1. Mobile? Bummer that its going into maintenance, but not free to play.

    1. At least not YET anyway. I don’t think people are going to want to pay a monthly sub for a mobile game.

      1. Gonna agree with Fusion on this one. People probably will resist the idea of a MMM with a paid sub, rather then Free to play. My main question is it going to be cross platform with it or is it going to be mobile servers and XI PC are separate. Not to mention will be curious to see how they do the controls on a Phone.

  2. Loved XI for about 7 years, but after they raised the level cap, just couldn’t really find my way to stick around for long. Oh well, going Mobile seems odd to me, but best of luck

  3. Sad to hear that Xb360 is going down too, I really loved all the hours I spent in Vana’diel on there.

    1. Biggest regret is that I’ll probably never finish the story now, if I ever was going to.

  4. How on earth could they ever make this a decent mobile game? If they do theyll own the market and make blizzadd look stupid for denying it could be done though. (Nothing would make me happier)

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