Pet Food Beta 16: All Good Things Must Come to an… Android/iOS Device!?


Vivi and Miroku are joined by FusionX to talk about the end of Final Fantasy XI’s storyline announcement, discontinuation of PS2 and XBox 360 support, Final Fantasy Grandmasters FFXI spinoff game, and Final Fantasy XI going mobile in 2016.

As the Final Fantasy storyline comes to a close over the next eight months, so will Pet Food Beta (with the exception of actual news about the mobile games beyond the November conclusion). Over the next several months we invite the community to write in with their favorite memories, or even leave us a voice message under 10M in our email, and we’ll try to read and play them all on the show as we get ready for the final showdown in Vana’diel.

You can e-mail us at [email protected] or hit us up on Twitter @petfoodbeta.

4 thoughts on “Pet Food Beta 16: All Good Things Must Come to an… Android/iOS Device!?

  1. Its really depressing to see it end. I spent so many years, especially of my teen years, playing this game with a bunch of friends in high school. To this date nothing has come close to the community, rewarding feeling, mystery and depth of XI. Even FFXIV feels too much like fan service and the typical MMO offerings which is sort of a shame because i keep trying to love it, but i cant (give me more depth SE, not everyone is new!)

    Easily one of the best memories is one of the first journy from Sandy to WIndy to meet up with a RL friend who also just started. Me a lvl 13 RDM and my friend a lvl 14 WHM being led by a mid 20s THF friend who started before we did and our journey and deaths running all the over there to that hippy tree city. The best part being the boat ride where we learned of ghosts and pirates that attacked (and they did…and we hid like we should have). Its something il never forget and probably never come close to replicating.

    1. Nothing like the rush of adrenaline during and after a ENM fight, I have yet to have that in FFXIV

  2. I spent many years no ffxi loved every aspect of it, and the friendships I made(still have). It is sad to see how far it has fallen from it’s earlier years. I recently went back on and it was depressing to see how much it changed and how little amount of people were on it. My favorite memories were major farming behind the decretive door in ssg with my friend for hours on end, or my first smn avatar by doing solo lvl 20 fights, then doing prime fights with people. The greatest were the grind parties in jungles or mire at higher levels. I too play ffxiv but can not seem to fully commit to it, it is to rigid and cookie cutter. There is no free movement or out of the box set ups. I still can’t get a handle on how there is no penalization for crappy players, you can actually just get dragged along in a dungeon and get xp for not doing anything. Everyone is the same no stand outs or gear that no one has. At this point I just seem to settle and play on crafts when bored (which is most of the time).


    For those asking about switching from console to PC, those files will do it. They have officially been available for free for about 6 months. Then you just log in with your credentials and you can change over without hassle.

    PS2 limitations are here to stay because the game is developed on PS2 development kits. Putting the assets on other platforms is done through a translation application, they can’t make graphics or audio natively for PC and Xbox.

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