Pricing Revealed For Heavensward


The price point for the Heavensward Collector’s Edition was announced today during today’s Letter from the Producer LIVE Special Edition Update stream. The physical Collector’s Edition will retail for $129.99 while digital will go for $59.99. The standard edition will be available for $39.99.

The Collector’s Edition will not be exclusive to the Square Enix Online store, however it’s noted that other retailers will only have it available in limited quantities when compared to the Square Enix store.


The physical Collector’s Edition will come with a box featuring artwork by Yoshitaka Amano, a dragon statue, an artbook, a blu-ray disc that will contain 2.55 cutscenes in addition to previous trailers that have been released and of course, the game.

In-game items that will be included in both physical and digital versions include:

  • Flying Griffin Mount
  • A helmet modeled after Cecil’s Dark Knight helm from FFIV
  • Wind-up Kain minion
  • Fantasia


Those that pre-order the expansion will receive the Baron Circlet and Earrings and a Black Chocobo Courier minion. In addition, those that pre-order the game will get early access starting June 19th.

  • Those wanting to access Ishgard in Heavensward will need to have completed the Main Scenario quests up to the last quest that will be introduced in Patch 2.55.
  • Those that play on multiple platforms will have to buy the expansion for each platform they wish to play on. To get the Collector’s Edition items, you will only need to buy the CE version for one of the platforms.
  • Those playing on PS3 with a 20GB HDD will want to look at upgrading to a larger HDD.

Earlier this week, an e-mail went out saying that pre-orders for Heavensward which will include the Collector’s Edition will go on sale Monday, March 16th at 11:00 am PDT on the Square Enix Online Store.

6 thoughts on “Pricing Revealed For Heavensward

  1. This information is slightly inaccurate. The Baron Helm is not a Dark Knight specific item. “A Dark Knight helmet modeled after Cecil from FFIV.” suggests that the helmet is exclusive to Dark Knights, which is not the case. It is a Baron Helm (the name of the item), which is themed after Dark Knight Cecil.

    Why “Dark Knight Cecil” when Dark Knight is a class they’re adding, causing confusion? Because in FFIV, the character Cecil Harvey begins the game as a Dark Knight, but transforms into a Paladin. Thus, “Cecil-themed” is not very descriptive, as Dark Knight Cecil and Paladin Cecil have two very different aesthetics. They have to specify, which they’ve done.

    tl;dr: The Baron Helm is not Dark Knight specific, like the article suggests.

    1. Your information is slightly inaccurate. The Baron Helm is not the same as the Dark Knight helm modeled after Cecil from FFIV.

      The Dark Knight helm is for collectors edition buyers, the Baron Helm (pictured above, next to the black chocobo) is for pre-orders.

      1. Actually, he’s right. The “Baron Helm” is indeed the DK Cecil helmet. What’s pictured above is the “Baron Circlet”.

    2. Cecil themed is how Square Enix has been describing it. It’s a Helmet, based on Cecil’s Dark Knight design which was also designed to go very well with the new Dark Knight armor. Sorry if you were confused.

  2. Does anyone know if the machinist is going to be a job stemming from the archery class or is it going to stem from a new class?

    1. They have already announced that none of the new jobs will work off the current class system. You can create any of the three from level 1 to 60. So there is no transition like current classes do at 30 to their respective jobs.

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