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Life Is Strange Episode 2 Demo and Talk With Developers

11 Mar 2015


While out at PAX East this past weekend we got to sit down with members of DONTNOD and Square Enix to talk about Life is Strange and see a demo of Episode 2.

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t checked out the first episode of Life is Strange!

We were guided through a spoiler free portion of the demo, led by Adam Phillips from Square Enix’s London office. The first episode left off with Max telling her best friend Chloe about her newly discovered ability to rewind time. In the demo we saw, Max meets Chloe at a local diner and is tasked with proving her ability to Chloe through guessing the items in her pockets and “predicting” the events that will transpire in the diner while they’re there.

Chloe sees Max’s gift as a toy and wants to play with it while Max wants to be more cautious with her ability. These two different ways of thinking are sure to cause some interesting dialogue between the two characters when Episode 2 releases.

04 LIS EP2 Diner

After the demo we sat down with Executive Producer Luc Baghadoust, Game and Art Director Michel Koch and Game Director Raoul Barbet from DONTNOD Entertainment for a brief talk.

There has been some talk online about episode 2 being delayed. Is there a date for it yet?

We never said exactly when the date will be. There was recently the rumor of delay but it’s important to state that we never actually said we were coming out. We’ve been saying around six to seven weeks and right now we’re closer to eight. The response to the first episode has been so good that we don’t want to rush it, we want to get it right before we get it out there.

Episode 2 is done and is in submission so once we know the date we’ll let you guys know. We want to make sure the releases aren’t to far apart, but an advantage of this model is that we can take feedback from the community to make some tweaks and alterations.

How much of the story is done?

The main story arc has been finished since the beginning. We have that main arc, and afterwards we analyze each scene and figure out what we want in each scene and what kinds of dialogue we want in those scenes and what we want to talk about with the characters. We send this to our American writer based in the Pacific Northwest so he can write them specifically for each scene and we’ve finished this process for Episode 3 and are recording the voices and we’re working now on Episode 4.

Like was said earlier too, we can take the feedback from the community now for Episode 4 and say “OK this character is loved maybe we can add more with him” or “this mechanism works really well maybe we can add more like this”. Even if the story is done, we can still adjust the scenes.

05 LIS EP2 Joyce in the Diner

What are some specific examples of player feedback that you’re working on incorporating?

For example, the character of Warren is popular among fans. We’ve decided to add another part with him in Episode 3 where we can say more about him. Sometimes those kinds of changes can be smaller too. We love reading what the players think and we always keep that in mind when we’re working on the next episode. For example from a game play point of view, you might be telling the player too much like when you can and can’t rewind. We know that the players know how to play. It’s a small adjustment but it can improve the experience we hope.

I know it’s a bit early, a lot of people have compared this game to Telltale’s titles which often get second seasons. Is that something you’re talking about yet?

That’s something you’d have to ask Square Enix!

There aren’t any plans yet but fingers crossed! Let’s see!

02 LIS EP2 Tracks

You can read our review of Episode 1 here.