A Look At DMC Definitive Edition

10 Mar 2015


Capcom’s most recent entry in the Devil May Cry series, 2013’s DMC, comes to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with a Definitive Edition.

  • This version of the game runs at a smooth 1080p at 60fps on both consoles, making the combos players can execute look better than ever.
  • If you want to make things even look more impressive, the Definitive Edition comes with a turbo mode, which will make the game speed increase by 20% making things look even crazier as you combo your way through waves of enemies.
  • Included in the Definitive package is all of the previously released DLC for DMC included the Vergil’s Downfall campaign. Additionally, you’ll get access to the Bloody Palace as Vergil as well, allowing you to take on 60 different waves of enemies.
  • Both the combat system and the enemies have been re-balanced in this version with fan feedback being taken into consideration.
  • Last but not least, those that pick up the Definitive Edition will be able to try out the game on new difficulty settings which are sure to challenge players: Hardcore Mode, Must Style Mode, and Gods Must Die Mode.

This was my first time playing through DMC, however it reminded me of what I loved so much about the series: the combat. The combat system in DMC offers tons of variation and can look quite fluid, especially now in 1080p running at 60fps. The turbo mode, which speeds up everything by 20% adds even more excitement to the already fast paced combo-based system.

The combat is definitely the heart of DMC and if you enjoy action heavy games and haven’t played DMC before, then this is definitely something to consider checking out.

DMC Definitive Edition is available today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $39.99

Capcom provided us with a copy of this title.