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New Screenshots Released For Final Fantasy XV's Upcoming Demo

23 Feb 2015

I can still remember back in the day when you could pick up issues of some gaming magazine that would contain the fabled “demo disk” that had previews of all the great upcoming titles. These days, demo disks are a thing in of the past and having the ability to to simply download whatever demos are available has far surpassed the now dated gaming relic.

There has been a lot of talk about Final Fantasy XV. That is to say, the upcoming demo for Final Fantasy XV titled Episode Duscae. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen so much attention being placed on a demo for a game! New screenshots have been released, showing off the Duscae region (so that’s how it got that name!) as well as the camp system and a look at some of the missions that Noctis and his group will take on during the demo.

These screens are presented in lovely 720 Japanese. Which means no, you can’t actually understand anything about the camp system other than it has a UI attached to it that does… stuff. And things. Stuff and things… with a campfire? It looks like they’re eating eggs? So you camp and eat eggs?

The Episode Duscae demo will drop the same day that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD comes out. You’ll need to pick up a day one copy of Type-0 HD in order to grab a code to download the demo! It’s just like the old days, but instead of a demo disk, we’re getting a code! Ah nostalgia!