Italian Reality Show Has A FFXIV Soundtrack


In what has to be one of the more strange Final Fantasy XIV news stories in recent memory, Italian reality show L’isola Dei Famosi (The Island of the Famous) which appears similar to Survivor has been caught using music from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Battle music and the lovely melodies of the Black Shroud can both be heard in clips from this TV show.

One player, reported this on the official forums where… uh oh. The people in charge of this show might be kicked off the island by some Square Enix lawyers.

Enkrateia's AvatarThank you for reporting this. I will make sure that it is escalated appropriately. Since the concern has been escalated, I will be closing this thread.


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  1. I saw the same thing a few years ago; a history documentary called ‘Engineering an Empire’ using music from Final Fantasy X-2.

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