Lunar New Year Event Live on Chinese Servers


FFXIV launched officially for players in China last August, and today those players are celebrating an exclusive Lunar New Year event. Alongside exclusive decorations like Chinese lanterns and fireworks, players can also receive a baby panda minion and challenge the Xi monster, which is basically a glammed up Behemoth.

We’ve seen the Xi in motion early last year

Thanks to Tench Kisa of Balmung for the screenshots! You can check out more on their Lodestone blog here.


3 thoughts on “Lunar New Year Event Live on Chinese Servers

  1. It’s cool for regional events like this, but I think those should be shared across all servers. I like learning about holidays around the world, plus panda minion ;-;

    1. we get lots more stuff that they don’t get because of china regulations.

  2. I’d really like to check this out, but since I don’t live in China, I guess I’ll have to get buy on screen shots. :(

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