Introductions: Xotig

17 Feb 2015


tap tap tap

Is this thing on?

Hi there, folks! My name is Xotig. Or is it Togi? Maybe X’ofia? I’ve been known to answer to Caleb, too. I’m a new writer here at Gamer Escape for all things Final Fantasy XIV.

I’m a Black Mage main, obsessive minion collector, glamour artiste, amateur lore nut, resident of Balmung. I like to watch the sun rise in Outer La Noscea and have a screenshots folder that takes up more of my hard drive than I’d really like to admit.

I’ve been following Fusion and the Gamer Escape crew since the Pet Food Alpha days with Final Fantasy XI, and couldn’t be more excited about joining the team! Hopefully I’ll be able to pull myself away from the Gold Saucer long enough to start some columns up soon between the news posts.

May the blessing of the Twelve ever be upon you.