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On the next episode of Aetheryte Radio, Eliot Lefebvre, the writer of the Wisdom of Nym column over on Massively Overpowered joins us to talk about advice for new players.

Now, we all have our own tips that we’d like to share, but what about you? Drop a comment below and let us know what advice you have for new adventurers! We’ll pick the best ones to share on the show!

We’re looking to record this weekend so please get your comments in by Friday evening!

6 thoughts on “Submit New Player Tips For Aetheryte Radio 77!

  1. – Make Horizon, Camp Drybone, and Camp Dragonhead your favorite points! You will be returning to them a lot throught the course of 2.0.

    – Don’t buy gear until you reach level 50. Try to get all your gear from dungeon drops. You get exp and good gear this way without having to spend your precious gil.

    1. But I ask you to ask your Free Company Crafters to Craft you HQ Gear, The Crafter need to increase their HQ count for Achievements, You can Gather Shards and trade for the HQ Gear, I do enjoy Crafting HQ for my fc members,

  2. Be social, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t know anyone, just do a shout /sh and ask if there are any open Free Company (player guilds) or linkshells (chat channels) you can join. If your not sure about a guild just yet, you can join up to 8 linkshells so there shouldn’t be any pressure. These are just ways to talk about games and find players to run content with.

    Invite your friends to join you, and if they join. Hop on a Skype call, or whatever you wish, and have fun. This game is a lot of fun when playing with friends, both new and old.

    Enjoy your time, enjoy the story, and if you want to get more info on the Lore, check out the lorecast podcast, so much good info there, you’ll be caught up to speed in no time.

  3. Don’t stress about the seemingly vast amounts of content. Nothing in the game can be “missed” – and to the contrary – almost everything can be repeated (with the notable exception being quests).

    Set manageable, short and medium term goals. Long term goals (BiS, Final Coil, etc.) will come with time, and there is nothing you can do now to help get there (or conversely, there is nothing you can do now that will prevent you from getting there).

    Building off last point, you can’t “mess-up” your character. Everything is fixable. Most aspects can’t even be “messed-up” in the first place, and the few that sort of can be (i.e. stat allocation) can be fixed.

    Run lots of dungeons. Then run more. They are the perfect mix of gaining all types of needed “experience” (in the broadest sense of the word) – not only leveling XP, gil, armor, GC seals (via GC turn ins), but experience in your party role (DPS, tank, healer), experience with mechanics, and experience playing with others and socializing, if not others.

  4. It is not important that you belong to a Free Company persay what is important is that you enjoy being there and the people that are in it. Some people join FCs that focus on end game content and we should assume that is because they like doing end game content. It is a game your focus should be having fun playing not assuming the goals of a particular community. You should never chase the goals of others as it will lead to a harsh and sudden burn out.

    On that note drama is not required, some people seek out, others intentionally start it. Do not let it taint your game play the game is not just the people you play with. You should not feel trapped in a circle of “friends”. If you at any time feel that way i recommend leaving the situation just because you are no longer in a Free Company does not mean you’re no longer friends with them unless you never were to begin with.

  5. Be sure to add people you speak to on the regular to your friendslist. This is important for two reason one it easily arranges friends even if they change their name and two you can not mail someone with in-game mail without them being on your friendslist.

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