Aetheryte Radio 76: Self-Professed Bard


Tune in for this special episode of Aetheryte Radio as we talk to Thancred himself, Taliesin Jaffe! We talk about his favorite moments, his other roles and more.

As mentioned on the show, you can drop a comment below and tell us something you want to hear Thancred say! We’ll send them off and play them on a future episode of Aetheryte Radio, voiced by Thancred himself!

14 thoughts on “Aetheryte Radio 76: Self-Professed Bard

  1. Oh, oh, have him sing this!

    I’m a Mander-Mander-Manderville man!
    Doing what only a Manderville can!
    From the peaks of Coerthas to Thanalan,
    Mander-Mander-Manderville man!

  2. Have him say:
    Please nail my weakest spot with your passion hammer while I stroke my meat lance.


  3. my vote for what he should say:

    “Oh for the sake of the twelve warrior! Two era’s i’ve known you and you still yet refuse to respond with anything more with a gods damned nod!”

  4. I would love to hear him say “Well if it isn’t our own Delivery boy of Light”

  5. I’d love to hear something for maybe like…if your phone starts ringing.
    “This is Thancred and your phone is ringing, please pick it up.”
    Or something I don’t know

  6. What I’d like to hear is your reading of Thancred’s last lines from 1.0:

    “These eyes will not be fooled— something weighs heavily on your mind. If I were to hazard a guess, the prospect of entreating the succor of the selfsame beings you once slew seems less than attractive? Heh. I’ll not deny it’s ironic. As you well know, aether is the source of all life. Bereft of its blessing, Eorzea would be naught but a dried-up husk of a realm. By whatever name they are called, gods drink of the land’s aether for their sustenance. The Twelve are no different. Summoning them would be tantamount to bleeding the life out of the land. Yet without their aid, Eorzea is most assuredly doomed. Dalamud will fall, and the land will die. Even should aether still flow, life may never again blossom here. We cannot allow that to come to pass. Even as we move to stay Dalamud’s descent, ever must we be mindful of the toll our actions take upon Eorzea’s longevity. We spare the present at a cost to the future. It will be no easy thing, this balancing act.

    Yet we must see it through to the bitter end, no matter the hardship. Take heart, my friend, for all will be well. Victory will surely smile upon us. Whence comes my confidence, you ask?

    It comes from -you,- my friend. Yours is the fire of hope that will light our darkest hour.”

  7. Awesome episode! Thank you for doing this!

    From the quest, ‘Scattered Scions in Sylphlands’, because this made me laugh so hard-

    “Oh, woe is me! I cannot go on! It is far too dangerous! What if something were to happen to my beautiful faaace!?”

    (And if it’s possible to make a second request: I have an awful tendency to forget my summons (i.e. placing them down, and forgetting to heel them when the battle is over), so having him say this would be immensely helpful-

    “Tri (like ‘tree’), my dear woman, you’re a wonderful fighter, but Thal’s balls, please stop leaving your summons behind!”)

  8. Have him say: “I am not one to kiss and tell, but that Minfilia has fantastic rack” or if that’s too racy, “You’re listening to Aetheryte Radio the show that rocks my face off.”

  9. “She(Minfilia) let me in friend zone, so I became evil.”
    Thank you for sharing your episodes :3

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