Player Run Casinos And You


Patch 2.5 brought with it the /random command. When used, /random will randomly generate a number in the log window.

In Final Fantasy XI, players used this mechanic to run their own casino. Players would set the rules of the game, offering 2x or 3x the amount of gil that you put into it depending on your /random number (roll).

Now that Final Fantasy XIV has its own /random command, it’s no surprise that casinos have started to pop up in areas and even in Party Finder, but are player casinos allowed? Do they breach any kind of ToS? What happens if they scam you?

A GM posted the answer to all of those questions on the forums and it’s something that players should be aware of, especially if you plan on taking part in one.


Since this is certainly a concern that has been anticipated by the GMs, I can provide you some preliminary answers to your questions.

Abuse of the /random command to flood chat can be considered a spam violation and should be reported to a GM for investigation. This can be just spamming random repeatedly in public or making offers that incite the spamming of the random command from others. If you know that you don’t want to see random results, a chat filter will be added under Character Configuration > General Tab > Log Filters > Announcements > Random Number Messages. While this can certainly help people who want to activate the filter, the fact that there is a filter for random results does not mean that spamming of the random command is ok because others could just block out spam if they didn’t want to be bothered by it.

As for casinos, they are treated like trade agreements. This means that you should ensure clear rules are agreed upon in the game before engaging in this type of agreement, since the GMs can only enforce the terms of the agreement that was made in the game. So long as the agreement is upheld, the GMs should not need to get involved. If you do not feel that the agreement is upheld, you should report that to a GM for investigation for Fraud.

While pointed out in each paragraph, I will reiterate that suspected violations of the rules should be reported to a GM for investigation, and a GM will determine if there was a violation of the rules and take appropriate action based on the results of that investigation. I hope this helps to clear up the GM position on the new feature.

LGM Enkrateia