Yoshida Shows Off His Jewelry


Last night, FFXIV Director/Producer Naoki Yoshida attended a player run in-game event on the Tonberry world.

It’s said that during the event, people discovered that he was on the server and began to swarm the area. Players repeatedly fired the canons on their Magitek mounts and prevented Yoshida from being able to teleport by spamming him with a barrage of trade requests.

Being human, and understandably frustrated by the outcome, Yoshida gave an old fashioned hand gesture to let the disruptive players know how he felt.

source via reddit

Update: It has since been clarified that the picture of Yoshida was taken out of context. He was simply showing off his ring. I’ll however, still pretend that it’s Yoshida simply continuing to be awesome.

2 thoughts on “Yoshida Shows Off His Jewelry

  1. +50 DKP to the guy for stopping at flippin’ the ol’ bluebird. I’d have brought Tonberry down for “emergency maintenance” until my devs were able to compile a list of which players would be receiving a popoto in their mogmailbox every 30 seconds for the rest of the game’s lifespan.

  2. I believe this Pic was mislead… I talking to FC mates… found out the pic was suppose to be of Yoshi P Showing his Ring on his Middle finger…

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