Screenshot Contest Winner Photoshopped Themselves Over Player Vigil


Last month, Final Fantasy players across multiple servers gathered together to pay respects to Codex Vahlda, a player that had passed away. A crowd gathered in front of the Free Company’s house to pay their respects and soon events on several servers sprung up with players paying tribute to someone they had never met.

Today, the winners of the Starlight Celebration 2014 Screenshot Contest were posted to the Final Fantasy XIV Facebook page and several players recognized one of the entries. This contest entrant had photoshopped their character into one of the screenshots that were taken during last month’s vigil.

It’s bad enough that the winning photo was edited for the contest (which is against the contest rules) let alone that it used an image of a memorial to a fallen player and turned it into a festive holiday screenshot. The screenshot was also called out in the submission thread, however, it still seemed to make it through the cracks.

We’ve reached out to Square Enix for comment and will update this post when/if we hear anything.

Update: The image has been removed from Facebook and Bayohne has commented on the forums saying “We have decided to remove this entry from the list of winners out of respect for the players in the screenshot that had gathered to mourn the passing of their friend and fellow player.”

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  1. People on the official FFXIV facebook post seem pretty pissed about it, can’t say I blame them. Pretty crummy =/

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