Lorecrafting: Before The Fall Of Nanamo Ul Namo…?


Ever since the ending of Patch 2.4’s Main Scenario, there were those in the community that had accquired a sense of dread surrounding the future of both Ul’dah and her Sultana.

Next week, Patch 2.5 arrives. Titled “Before the Fall” the logo, seen animated in the newly released trailer, features a falling goblet. This, in addition to other scenes seen in the trailer make that sense of dread even more real.

What can the patch logo and trailer tell us about everyone’s favorite Sultana? Let’s discuss!


First, let’s take a look at the logo for Patch 2.5.

The name alone brings with it, a sense of foreshadowing. What is it exactly that is going to fall? We know that with the upcoming Heavensward expansion that Ishgard will be one of the key players in the Dragonsong War against the Dragons of Dravania. Part two of the patch is to feature the “Battle of Ishgard” which will explain the reasons for Ishgard finally opening their gates to Adventurers. Does Ishgard get hit hard enough from this hoard that Ishgard “falls”?

Or maybe the name references everyone’s favorite 1.0 Wyrm, Midgardsormr. We now know that Midgardsormr will play an important role in the upcoming patch. The event of his death, in which he and the Agrius crashed down in the middle of Silvertear Lake was known as “the fall of the keeper”, Midgardsormer being known as the Keeper of the Lake. Could the title be referencing Midgardsormr? Could it be referencing Ishgard? Could it be referencing both of those in addition to the upcoming conflict that has been slowly brewing in Ul’dah? At the end of the day we know that ultimately there will be a story about dragons and Ishgard. Might Midgardsormr play a role in this? He is a dragon after all.

For the sake of this article we’re going to put aside the “falls” we know the most about (Ishgard/Midgardsormr) and speculate on the larger unknown of Ul’dah and the Sultana, Nanamo Ul Namo.

At the end of Patch 2.4, we see The Sultana, Nanamo Ul Namo speaking with the Grand Company leaders of Limsa Lominsa and Gridania in what many have referred to as the “tea party scene”. During this scene, Nanamo tells them that Teledji Adelegi has risen to greater prominence upon the backs of the impoverished refugees since proposing the Carteneau Reclamation Bill, which we know was proposed with the secret intent of excavating the Omega Weapon. The Monetarists are now fighting one another and if the Sultana moved to dissolve the Syndicate, there would be even greater unrest within Ul’dah.

Nanamo states that all the people of Ul’dah regardless of their social status have a right in happiness, and that as a ruler it is her duty to protect that right.

Nanamo tells the women that the citizens shall never know of health, hapiness and hope while their lives are ruled by the ambitions of the few. She adds that the Monetarists claim to represent the people, but simply manipulate them for their own ends. For Ul’dah to truely move forward, it’s not simply the syndicate that must be dissolved, but the monarchy as well. Nanamo let’s her intentions be known- she means to step down from the throne.

At the conclusion of 2.4 we’re being told that we should be ready for big changes in Ul’dah and the possibility of losing Nanamo in her leadership role. Have the writers put this in to get our minds wrapped around the idea of an Ul’dah without Nanamo?

Now, going back to the logo itself we can see that behind the title is a goblet. In the Patch 2.5 trailer this goblet falls into place, perhaps implicating that an important person could possibly be poisoned (or maybe someone just drops a cup). More important however is the coloring of this chalice. Its color scheme might represent the Sultana herself!


So we have the patch name, Before the Fall, and an expensive looking goblet that bears similar colors to the Sultana. The trailer then shows us even more to lend to our speculating minds.

During her tea party with the Grand Company leaders Nanamo states that after she dissolves the monarchy, there will be “chaos” in the streets, asking her fellow ladies in command that they support Raubahn during this difficult time.

In the trailer for Patch 2.5, specifically the end regarding the Main Scenario for Before the Fall Part 2, we can see the Scions running around in Ul’dah.  Thancred straight up stabs a dude while Papalymo uses his magic to lower one of the gates in town, leaving Yda to fight against a group of unknowns. This tells us that the chaos that Nanamo predicted will happen. We then have a series of shots showing Kan-E Senna and Minfilia with shocked expressions, while Merylwyb and Raubahn have slow, dramatic head turns before it cuts to Nanamo herself who appears to be kneeling on the ground. The Sultana is the last person we see before the a goblet drops into place, revealing the logo for the patch.

So the big question now is what happens to her? Is she on her knees after drinking from a poisoned goblet? Is Teledgi moving in for the killing blow? Is the lower class of Ul’dah so upset that they’d result to killing the Sultana? Did she simply drop something and go to pick it up?

Would they have the Thal’s Balls to kill off a main character like Nanamo?

Let’s not forget that co-world creator Koji Fox likes himself some dark fantasy. He’s even had a nod to Game of Thrones in an early quest. Do you know what happens in Game of Thrones? You get attached to your favorite characters and then they die. They all die.


And if all that still isn’t enough to make you think about the Sultana’s fate, Anwyll sees a Lalafell in the Goblet. That right there is definitive proof!



What do you think Before the Fall is referencing? Why the goblet? And just what will become of Ul’dah and Nanamo Ul Namo? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. Now, I still think you’re crazy … but I also think that chalice matches the Sultana’s motif in every form and fashion … SOMETHING’S up, and it’s a good excuse to chat about lore. (Also I totally still see that lalafell in the cup.)

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