Community Spotlight: The Behemoth Festival of Frost

Back in June, we posted about the Behemoth server’s Beach Bash hosted by the 404 Guild Not Found Free Company.

Along with The Treehouse and Resonate Free Companies, 404 Guild Not Found will be holding another event early next month titled the Festival of Frost. Roughly 20 million gil in cosmetics, minions and other items have been donated for the even. Festival attendees will have a chance at winning the prizes by completing various challenges or activities such as the Snowman Shuffle or by winning the winter outfit contest. Along with the in-game items, there is also $200 in game time cards up for grabs.

The Festival of Frost will be held on February 7th at 9 PM EST at Camp Dragonhead on Behemoth.

You can find more information about the event here.

Make sure to check out the next episode of Aetheryte Radio where we’ll be joined by members of 404 Guild Not Found to talk about the event!

2 thoughts on “Community Spotlight: The Behemoth Festival of Frost

  1. I wish Gilgamesh has something like this going on, that would be pretty awesome.

    1. Well if you listen to Aetheryte Radio next week, we’ll be on it and discussing some of the ways we set up and plan events. Maybe you can help with creating your own on Gilgamesh ;)

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