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From Astral To Umbral Also Has A Secret Track

16 Dec 2014


Today in Japan, Final Fantasy XIV’s latest music blu-ray shipped, From Astral to Umbral.

Like the previous two discs, mp3 versions of the tracks can be downloaded off the disc to be used on a PC or other device.

The soundtrack for A Realm Reborn contained a secret track, which turned out to be Battle on the Big Bridge. When checking out the list for From Astral to Umbral, there’s another secret track!

The biggest question is what’s the track? The song is usually directly tied to the password!

Honestly, I had no clue what the password or the song was, so I reached out to Soken himself on twitter. He gave me this hint:

And now you’ve unlocked the secret song on From Astral to Umbral and you’ll have it stuck in your head! All. Day. Long.

You’re welcome.