New FFXIV Merchandise Hits The Tokyo Fan Fest


At the first ever Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas back in October, we asked Naoki Yoshida what was up with the majority of the merchandise made for Final Fantasy XIV being only available in Japan. He told us that there is a desire to sell this merchandise but there are some weird internal rules with how selling things outside of Japan works and that it’s his job to “break the mold on some of these weird Square Enix rules.”

The website for the upcoming Fan Fest in Tokyo has been recently updated to showcase a whole bunch of new merchandise that will be made available at the event including new business card holders, stickers, all of the “I Beat” Primal shirts previously won at game shows around the world and much more! This new merchandise is available in addition to the batch of former merchandise which includes a Hildibrand shirt, badges, and other items that have been available via Square Enix’s online store in Japan for quite some time.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for Yoshida to shake things up inside the company for fans outside of Japan to get their hands on some of these great items!

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