154 Gil or $5.00- You Be The Judge


With Patch 2.45, the Mog Station made new items available for players to purchase. Among these was the Sweet Dream attire. A Christmas set that appears to be identical to the previously available Dream set.

Players that have access to the original Dream items via the Calamity Salvager are in for a nice surprise. Not only is the Dream gear still available to purchase, but it’s also NOT unique/untradable which means you can trade it to friends or throw it up on the Market Boards till the Chocobos come home. Even better is the price of these three items: 154 gil.

The Snowman and Reindeer sets were also made available for purchase on the Mog Station, however those items remain unique/untradable when purchased from the Calamity Salvager NPC.

So which would you rather spend? 154 gil? Or $5.00?


2 thoughts on “154 Gil or $5.00- You Be The Judge

  1. I think the items only show on that npc if you had completed the seasonal event. I checked it with my character and the dream gear or the Kabuto helms that is shown in your screenshot is not avalible on my list

  2. What Ryoku mentioned is actually true. You don’t get a chance to purchase any even items unless you have actually participated and got the item yourself. The purpose of buying it from the npc is if you have thrown the items away.

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