Thal’s Balls Contest: Winner’s Poll!


After a plethora of entries from people that are seemingly obsessed with a few select areas of the body, we’ve narrowed all of the entries down to the top five!

Now you get to decide which is the best! If you were in Eorzea and you had the chance to scream out one of these curses, which would you pick?

Vote for your favorite! Your votes will determine the recipients of these great prizes!

First Place  Second Place  Runner Up (x3)
signedodinshirt doublesidedposter gebag
An “I Beat Odin” shirt from the Las Vegas Fan Fest signed by Naoki Yoshida!
Size: XL
A double sided poster from Japanese magazine Connect On! Featuring Frontlines and Anniversary artwork! Given to us by Koji Fox!
Size: 28 3/4 x 20 1/4 inches
The GE swag bag! Includes the Bag, Stress Ball and Key Chain that we gave out at Fan Fest!

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The poll will be open through December 17th. Make sure to place your vote before then!