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Barry Burton In Resident Evil Revelations 2

7 Dec 2014


Capcom recently announced that an old character from the Resident Evil series will be making his playable debut in the upcoming Resident Evil Revelations 2. That’s right, S.T.A.R.S member Barry Burton will be appearing in the upcoming episodic game. Not unlike the story of Code Veronica, Barry Burton is on his way to the remote prison island where his missing daughter Moira is along with Claire Redfield.

Pricing and release dates were also announced with each episode costing your wallet $5.99, or $24.99 for the Complete Season which will also include two additional spin-offs telling the stories of Moira Burton and Natalia Korda as well as giving you access to Hunk in raid mode. The episodes will be available every week starting on February 17th for PlayStation fans in North America and on February 18th for PSN in Europe, Xbox Live, and Steam.

On March 10th, a retail box copy of the game will be available for $39.99 featuring all episodes, the Complete Season content with the addition of an alternate costume for each of the main characters, Albert Wesker for Raid mode, and a “Throwback Stage Pack” featuring four stages from recent Resident Evil titles. For those of you who pick up the season digitally, have no fear. All of that content coming in the retail box will be made available for purchase separately.