FFXIV Merchandise Store Now Online


Today is a day to give thanks.

Thanks for finally giving North America players a place to pre-order the Delivery Moogle and Art Book. Even bigger thanks for making the store (seemingly) not operated by Digital River.

The shop, which includes all of the merchandise that was available to attendees of this year’s Fan Fest (with the odd exception of the Minion Mug), is now available to pre-order through the new FFXIV Square Enix Products page! Those of small or larger stature should note that the shirts are apparently only available in medium for the time being.

Unfortunately, there’s no sign of the From Astral to Umbral album, or of that lovely Hildibrand shirt, but as Yoshida told us at Fan Fest, he’s hoping to change some internal policy to make that available to other regions.

You can check out the new store page here.

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