Shiva, Las Vegas!


What’s up, everybody! It’s me, Soken! FINAL FANTASY XIV sound director, composer, arranger, sound engineer, dishwasher, whipping boy…

If you hadn’t already noticed, I’m not that big of a guy.

It’s not that big of a deal over here in Japan, but when I was in Las Vegas and London for the Fan Festivals, I felt helpless every time some musclebound Highlander, raised on steaks the size of monster truck tires, would snatch me up in their arms and flail me about like some ragdoll. It didn’t help that those same musclebound Highlanders all loved the Primals concerts, resulting in countless more hours of ragdoll flailing coupled with high-five overdrives.

But enough about me, let’s talk about Shiva. If you’ve already made it to the second phase of the Ahk Afah Amphitheatre battle with the Lady of Frost, you know the accompanying music takes an unexpected turn, the reason for that being that battle team specifically requested two completely different genres to represent the two different sides of Shiva herself. And speaking of two sides…if anyone has two sides it would have to be the vocalist I got to sing for the track. Normally, she’s a polite, humble, little lass from the Localization team with a cute smile and an apology in her pocket for every time she insists she’s not worthy. But beware all ye who might put a mic in her hand, for once unleashed, there is no stopping her inner demon…MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!



Staring at death, I take a breath, there’s nothing left
Now close my eyes, for one last time, and say goodbye

Lying naked while the snow falls all around me
Drifting closer to the edge but She won’t have me

Wake up in sweat, full of regret, try to forget
These memories, lurking beneath, lost in a dream

Unchosen paths, a broken past, forespoken wrath
The pain won’t cease, I’ll find no peace, no sweet release

Fragile creatures, we are taught to fear the Reaper
Ever running, we are dead before we meet Her

These voices telling me let it go (let it all go)
I try and try but I can’t say no (try and say no)
This endless nightmare has just begun (nowhere to run)
My heart is dragging me down into oblivion

The endless lies, I’ve cast aside, locked them in ice
Steeled is my soul, my blood grown cold, I’ve gained control

Fearless creatures, we all learn to fight the Reaper
Can’t defeat Her, so instead I’ll have to be Her

These voices screaming to let it go (never let go)
This time I’m screaming back no no no (go on say no)
My mind’s made up, yeah my fear is gone (Where have you gone?)
Open my eyes now here I come, oblivion

For the last time (I won’t say goodbye)
For the last time (I won’t say goodbye)
For the last time (I won’t say goodbye)
For the last time