Triple Triad Coming To Mobile With FFXIV Connectivity!

Finally, after years of ports and original games that we never asked for, Square Enix announced today at an event in Japan, that Triple Triad will finally be making its way to mobile devices!

The event revealed the all new Final Fantasy Portal App, an app that will help deliver information about games such as Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XV. Additionally, this app will also contain Final Fantasy VIII’s popular card game.


The image above from 4gamer mentions that there will be some connectivity with Final Fantasy XIV in the form of sharing cards between both games.

No word yet on any release outside of Japan, but given the link to Final Fantasy XIV and its global presence, we can’t imagine Square Enix not releasing it in other parts of the world.


6 thoughts on “Triple Triad Coming To Mobile With FFXIV Connectivity!

  1. Woot! What awesome news! Hoping that we’ll be able to learn more soon. :)

      1. Nothing against Triple Triad, I just really enjoyed Tetra Master. If it was built into FFXI and not treated as a standalone game, it would still be with us today.

        1. You have a good point. I never liked how it was not apart of XI, it would have been perfect if we could have played it while logged into XI. I’m excited for Triple Triad, in XIV still, looking forward to seeing how that all works out. :)

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