Relic Weapons Are Upgrading To New Models

Today’s Developer’s Blog post “EXciting News of a High CALIBUR” shows a new sword model.

As is very obvious from the title of the post, this new sword model is Excalibur in what looks to be the next step in the relic weapon quest. It seems that the weapons will finally be getting an appearance change that’s not simply limited to new glow colors and effects.

Will this be the final stage of the relic upgrades? Or is this just another step on the long road to obtaining a weapon of the Zodiac Braves?

3 thoughts on “Relic Weapons Are Upgrading To New Models

  1. You guys are inferring an awful lot just from that tiny little dev blog post.

    No mention of any connection at all to the relic weapon questline or the Zodiac braves. No mention of it being a “new model” for our existing relics.

    Please stick to reporting news. if i wanted speculation I’d go to reddit.

    1. They spoke of how the dev instantly got this weapon through debugging, but normally it takes a ton of work leading up to the quest leading to this weapon (OBVIOUSLY the relic upgrade quest line)

      Yoshida also said that the end of the relic chains would lead to the fabled weapons of Final Fantasy legend. They also said at fanfest that the weapons would be receiving new models as the weapons aren’t going to get any flashier/brighter.

      So maybe you should lose the snobby attitude? This IS news, especially if people missed the post from the FFXIV main page.

      1. A new look would be a lot better than more flashy glowiness. It’s cool at first, but it gets kind of distracting. Any more glow than we have now would be just obnoxious.

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