Bragging Rights: Aetheryte Radio 73


Patch 2.4 hit last week, ushering in a bunch of new content ranging from a new Class and Job all the way to the Final Coil of Bahamut. 

On the next episode of Aetheryte Radio we’ll be talking about our impressions of the patch and we want to hear what you’ve been doing!

As always, drop a comment below with your character name, world, and what you’ve been doing and we’ll read them on the next episode which we’re currently planning to record on November 8th! If you have any other thoughts you want to share, consider sending us an e-mail at [email protected]

9 thoughts on “Bragging Rights: Aetheryte Radio 73

  1. Baulder enclave, Brynhildur PS4, I’ve been instantly getting into raids as a tank thanks to all the ninjas lol. Which also equals the least diverse parties ever formed.

  2. Kinsai Kusanagi of Hyperion, really enjoying having all my crafting jobs at 50 as i just finished the last two after the patch hit. also I’m loving ninja and I’m going to own it and make it my main! I will earn the title of shinobi! FOR THE SHOGUN!

  3. Vivi Taru of Hyperion :P Been levelling Ninja! Love it so far, plays sorta like a faster version of Thief/Nin/Dancer from xi.

  4. Torene Fhey of Cactuar, taking advantage of the flood of Rogues/Ninjas running around by finally leveling PLD. Fully enjoying the new dungeons as well!

  5. Ceilio “The Beard” Riverwind of Hyperion. Rogue/ Nin up to 36. Cleared Ramuh EX, upgraded my Monk Weapon to Animus. Now getting on that Alexanderite grind. /wrists

  6. Mordex Dethdelv from jenova. With 2.4 I figured time to catch up so I can run shiva. So this week I cleared titan mog Levi and ramuh. Leveled ninja to 32 and farmed gear from turns 6 7 8 so hoping to clear turn 9 next week.

  7. Abovan on Gilgamesh has been working on my PLD to 50. DPS queues are crazy long, and the demand for tanks and healers have never been higher.

    I haven’t even bothered to unlocked Rogue yet.

  8. Sular Dehendri on Leviathan. Beat Snowcloak, Qarn HM and Sastasha HM first time with no wipes as a Scholar, got my minions from Ultros and Qarn AND got all the merch I wanted from the London Fan Fest! Awesome!

  9. Jarmoire Nagarian on Siren. Led our newly formed static to a T6 first victory and several following after. Looking forward to progressing with my guys through the second coil and beyond. Shout out to my guys and gals at Legit FC on Siren!
    Love what you guys do and thanks!

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