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Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | London Q&As

25 Oct 2014

Today’s Fan Festival activities in London were¬†loaded with Q&A sessions. Here’s every little thing we learned from Naoki Yoshida, Hiroshi Takai, Masayoshi Soken, and Koji Fox.

Note: The Q&A segments were informal, unscripted, and spoken quickly. The information below is not quoted verbatim, but paraphrased based on the question and the answer so that they are easier to follow and more concise.

Yoshida Takai Koji

Q&A with the Development Team

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  • An icon that identifies role-players is being explored, but work must be done to overcome taxation of server resources.
  • Allowing monks to fight bare-fisted may be possible someday. One idea being considered is equipable tattoos that have stats on them.
  • DirectX 11 coding is finished and is in the final stages of optimization. The goal is to allow for high-end graphics on a wide scale of machines, so they will keep working with the chipset programmers to optimize as much as possible. A side-by-side comparison will hopefully be ready by the end of this year.
  • The ability to see melee’s TP in the party list, instead of MP, is something the team now realizes is very important, but they want to be sure that the way that it is done will not clutter the UI any further.
  • Plans to phase out support for the PS3 will be made whenever the system can no longer accommodate their ambitions. It won’t be in Version 3.0, but it will be reassessed in the development of Version 4.0 and on, if necessary.
  • Allowing for more customization of flying text would be extremely difficult, Yoshida anticipates. He anticipates a lot of bugs, and some meetings will have to take place before anything is attempted.
  • Anyone looking to get a job at Square Enix should visit their recruitment page. Different teams are always recruiting for different projects, and the requirements are different for all of them. You have nothing to lose by submitting a resume.
  • Making PVP and FC visible in-game would be an extraordinary challenge right now, as data for Playstation must go through Sony servers and even Square Enix keeps this data separate from the game to not weigh it down. They are always trying new things and doing their best to overcome challenges (such as they did with the /hug emote, recently), so they will keep trying to see if this is possible, someday.
  • The Spriggan Cap is not in the game, and no one could remember exactly what the original plan for it was before it fell through the cracks; it may have been part of a Veteran Reward. Yoshida agreed to put the Spriggan Cap in a Treasure Hunt so that we can obtain it in the future.
  • Perhaps the amount of fish retrieved by retainer ventures could be decreased a bit. Perhaps.
  • After 3.0, more token systems could be brought into the game so that players can specialize their rewards a little more.
  • Challenging, Coil-like 4-player raids might be in the game someday, but part of the challenge of completing difficult content is finding 8 competent members to begin with, so the rewards might not be as good. It’s something they’ll think about.
  • Allowing players to see more information about their stats’ impacts isn’t likely to happen, as the algorithms are always changing and doing research on them is part of the fun.
  • More contests that allow players to design in-game items could happen in the future, but it’s up to the community teams to get the ball rolling.
  • The team will discuss things that might be done to increase the appeal of putting in the work to get a Rank 20 chocobo, though what that might be is anybody’s guess.


Live Q&A with Hiroshi Takai

Koji Takai

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  • The stringent lockouts on content will likely be eased to allow players to help their friends, but this won’t offer more opportunities for loot.
  • Players will soon be allowed to change their characters’ names.
  • Many players would like to use Hildibrand’s emotes on any race, but whether or not this is possible will have to be explored further.
  • Just because a beast tribe doesn’t appear to have a primal, doesn’t mean they don’t…
  • The CG Midlander retrieved his axe from the Battle of Cartenau the same way any other adventurer would – he went back to town and talked to a Calamity Salvager.
  • Relic weapons can’t get any shinier, so the the graphics may change soon…
  • Long hairstyles are still a challenge, but the team is always pushing themselves and they’ve been getting longer and longer styles into the game. Longer beards are also being looked into.
  • Assistant Director Hiroshi Takai plays the game quite a bit – whenever he’s not sleeping or eating … or working…
  • The EU data centers, as revealed in the keynote, are going to be a reality! They’re in the planning stages right now.
  • A Crystal Tower (Hard Mode) is possible, theoretically, and it was much harder when they first designed the raid. However, organizing and relying on twenty four people is a monumental task, so they decided to make it more about the fun of being in a large group than a high-level challenge.
  • Takai doesn’t know if we’ll be able to put caught fish in a pond or tank, because that’s a lot of data. He’ll look into if such a thing could be possible, and if he has to say no, he’ll make Yoshida do it.
  • A playable card game is on the way, it perhaps includes some words that start with T, we may see it a little after patch 2.5…
  • When asked if a gun-wielding class would be implemented, Takai and Koji simply hummed the James Bond theme and advised watching the Tokyo Fan Festival.


Live Q&A with Masayoshi Soken and Koji Fox

Koji Soken


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  • Songs from Version 1.0 that were removed may still make a return if the player experience can be enhanced by them.
  • Soken will see if light “kweh” sounds could be made by walking chocobos.
  • All the music heard in the 2.4 trailer will actually be in the game.
  • Soken’s finds inspiration in many places; from playing the game, from exploring other forms of entertainment looking for tricks they use to bring a scene up or down, and sometimes just from trying to create the expectation of the person passing on the order.
  • If Square Enix would allow it, Soken would love to collaborate with many other artists, but stresses that before he can collaborate with anyone, it must all begin Nobuo Uematsu, the father of Final Fantasy music.


Koji Fox

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  • Inspiration for in-game references comes from all over – even though they make the game, just like the people who play the game, they go home and watch TV and movies, so when the game can’t be too serious or too heavy, they drag in some of that pop culture to make it more fun. It’s not limited to old things, either. Sometimes he’ll just come in and browse Reddit for jokes and memes people are passing around that day – it just has to fit well.
  • Female Highlanders don’t shave their eyebrows as the men do. As intimidating as the males want to be, the females are scary enough without it.
  • An in-game library is still something that Koji and the lore lead, Banri Oda, would love to do. There’s a lot of lore that doesn’t find its way into the game that they’d love to show off but don’t have opportunities for. They’ve been nudging Yoshida about it again, lately, and we’ll see where it goes from there.
  • New languages and naming conventions are already underway for the new race and the new beast tribes, and they look forward to being able to share some of it soon.
  • Fantasia works in a unique way. I can’t simply turn you into whoever you want, or people could get away with anything. Crime would be out of control. Even on Earth, people have the opportunity to change who they are – cut their hair, get a facelift, find a new career or a different spouse – but we often aren’t willing to make those drastic life changes. Fantasia gives you the courage to make the changes you’ve always wanted to make. Maybe you are Lalafell trapped in a Roegadyn’s body, it’s time to break out! And all you needed was that courage in a phial!