Aetheryte Radio 72: London Fan Fest 2014


Tune in as the hosts of Aetheryte Radio are joined by Mr. Happy to discuss the big announcements coming out of London’s Fan Festival event!

We also run down the Patch 2.4 preliminary notes and pick out some of the juicier pieces of content coming our way.

2 thoughts on “Aetheryte Radio 72: London Fan Fest 2014

  1. The cash shop is optional, why is there a huge issue about it?

    1. Some of the fasionista and collectors bunch are worried that they will make styles and minions that will only appear in the cash shop. And since the cash shop will support new designs and minions that it will eventually become a self supporting system where new minions and visual styles will only appear in the cash shop because the cash shop supports the developement to make them. While the game will have recycled armor sets for everything outside of raid gear and no minions because they do not assist game play.

      So its more of response to a fear having potential to be true.

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