Lorecrafting: Dark Knight And Floating Continent


The announcement of Heavensward along with the tease of a new job brings us to today’s Lorecrafting!

A job based off one of Director Nolan’s Batman films and a floating continent that you might recognize from games such as FFVI and… FFVI.

But what could this mean? How could they be implemented into the world of Hydaelyn? Let’s take a look!

Dark Knight

With Yoshida announcing “Multiple new jobs” one has to wonder if that means that we won’t be seeing new classes pop up in Heavensward. (Sorry Muskateer). If this is indeed the case, that means that Dark Knight, which was teased at Las Vegas and will be announced in London will branch off an existing job. The big question is, which one?

We have every reason to believe that Dark Knight could branch off of Lancer. The abilities Blood for Blood and Life Surge are quite reminiscent of abilities that Dark Knights have had previously in the Final Fantasy series. Furthermore, if you had a curved blade to the end of a Lancer’s polearm you would have a Scythe. The weapon class isn’t so dissimilar that it would rule out the possibility.

Our next thought comes from what we know about Heavensward. The second plot point of the expansion is Thordan and his knights. Thordan being a King, and the knights being Dragoons (and also teased as the Knights of the Round). If these Dragoons are Knights of the King of the Holy See of Ishgard, that would most certainly make them Holy Knights. What would the opposite of a Holy Knight be? The idea of a member of a certain group losing his way and developing another set of (darker) skills is certainly not an unfamiliar story. Could it be that we’ll encounter a previous member of the King’s knights that will have strayed from the path and became a Dark Knight?

Floating Continent


In our recent interview with Michael-Christopher Koji Fox, we discussed how the Allag civilization was destroyed by earthquakes. Even though they had the technology to create spaceships and Dalamud, the majority of the Allag were on the ground when the quakes hit. However, we also know that not  all of the Allag were killed. Nael van Darnus for example was a descendant of the Allag and then you have the tale of Dalamud that somehow survived over several generations.

MCKF: Then there’s the question “So.. if they had spaceships did one or two of them get away?” I’m making my “I don’t know…. maaaaybe?” face. We all know that the Allagan civilization was destroyed because yeah, most of the people were on the ground. All of their power sources too, even if a ship did escape, there’s nothing there, fuel wise where can they go?

We also know about the Archons. In each era there are those that seek the knowledge of the people that came before them and in doing so, they discover the cycles of the Umbral and Astral Eras. Like the crazy man on the sidewalk downtown, they try to warn the public of the upcoming calamity that will surely destroy life as they know it. However, there are those that listen to the Archons and they are the ones that are able to survive the disastrous events that unfold and bring about a new era.

Could it be, that there were members of the Allagan civilization that heeded these warnings from the Archons and in doing so, prepared for it by creating Floating Continent? We’ve seen Allag technology create floating islands in the sky before with Nael van Darnus and Rivenroad. The image we’ve seen certainly makes it look very high tech. Could there be an entire colony of Allag floating in the skies?


What do you think? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Lorecrafting: Dark Knight And Floating Continent

  1. Pure-blood, living Allag, on a high-tech, floating continent would certainly be interesting. How many Astral and Umbral eras would they have survived though? We have a Miqote with one red eye in the story, maybe his bloodline is more current than was thought.

  2. you do realize there was a place called “SKY” in FFXI as well?

  3. Le Sigh… XI managed to corrupt way to many perceptions of classic jobs it seems. What next, Red Mage as primary backline support caster with next to no melee presence?

    That being said, I hope Dark Knight be DPS job for Gladiator, to properly pay homage to THE Dark Knight of Final Fantasy. Y’know, missing the clear way to mirror Dark Knight / Paladin duality would be shame.

    Also, maybe you could also mention Ayatlan, the floating continent of Ixali here?

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