Lorecast 4: Fan Fest 2014 Interview With Fernehalwes


The first day of Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2014 is over! Fusionx and Anwyll got to sit down with the one and only Michael Christopher Koji Fox at the end of the day to dig deeper into the loregasms of the day’s lore panel as well as ask some other questions that have been bugging the player community!

Just what IS the difference between Primals and Elder Primals? Do the days of the week have names? Why does Hullbreaker Isle put off a bit of a Goonies vibe?

You can check out the transcribed version of the interview here.

3 thoughts on “Lorecast 4: Fan Fest 2014 Interview With Fernehalwes

  1. This was awesome, I really enjoyed this interview. So many great lore tidbits!

  2. Fantastic interview. Btw — the whole mistbeard thing reminds me of Princess Bride with the Dread Pirate Roberts

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