Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | Bluegartr Live Blog

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A special guest is set for the live stream in a few minutes, stay tuned to Gamerescape for all the latest info!

Hadley Brightfoot and Carraway Author join Camate.

BG talking about the positive energy at the fest.

Camate asking if they think they’ll one shot Odin.
BG: Probably not lol.

Camate: How’d the coil group get together?
Carraway: BG has been around forever, when we saw ARR, we were really impressed with all of the work that was put in.
Hadley: I joined after 2.0.

Camate: Whats the strategy for a world’s first team?
BG: Within our raid team, everyone’s so talented in their own way. It’s a very team oriented mindset. No one’s trying to be the dude so to speak. I (Hadley) focus on healing, I never get tired of white mage. That was one of the strengths, you’re trying to be efficient with the time, it’s all about collaboration. It’s about keeping everyone with a level head and logically approaching it one step at a time. We learned to read the tool-tips.

Camate: What were your theories about the twister?
BG: We studied the footage, used trial and error until something magically worked.

Camate: Are you guys secretive about your tactics?
BG: Not intentionally, but we’re more focused on trying to figure it out. It’s not about a veil of secrecy, but we sort of stick to our own thing and what we can accomplish with our group.

Camate: Did you guys have any tense moments?
BG: Sure, after six hours sometimes tension got high, but we try to make sure people keep the fact that it’s a game in check, go outside, have a coffee, get fresh air whatever. Our FC is only about half US based. The culturally diverse mix helps with the positive mentality.

Camate: Do you have multiple groups within the FC?
BG: We have about 2, sometimes 3 groups.

Camate: Do the groups collaborate with like, making food or whatever?
BG: Oh totally, we’re all the same team. We actually have some people solely dedicate themselves to crafting.

Camate: Have you guys been tackling Savage at all?
BG: Yeah we’ve been going at it pretty casually.

Camate: How do you guys handle raiding?
BG: We’re actually not quite as hardcore as people might think. When new content comes out we definitely binge on gaming, but it tapers off fairly quickly, I mean, we’re all normal people so we have lives and things to do (laughter). We let people go you know, eat and stuff.

Camate: Any speculation on new Coil?
BG: We try not to have any expectations, and have fun with the surprises.

Camate: Any tips for people trying to beat turn 9?
BG: Record your own gameplay. That’s pretty helpful for seeing opportunities where you could improve your game. Remember everyone is a human being you’re playing with. It’s gotta be fun.

Shout outs to everyone at BG.