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Yoshi P came out showing fan art.

Mr G came out and a fan handed him a batman shirt.

Translation team brought out.

Yoshi P: Our PR team got really upset at you Mr G.

Matt Hilton: How are you guys doing? Getting a lot of sleep?
Yoshi P: Nope. No time!

Matt Hilton: Yoshida, when is patch 2.4 coming out?
Yoshi P: 2014! October! 28th!

All joking about taking the day off that day.

Matt: So… Shiva?
Yoshi P: Normally we put the BGM in the trailer for the Primal, but it didn’t really fit, you guys wanna hear it?

Played a clip of the Shiva music, had a clear rock sound, along the lines of Titan of Leviathan but not as heavy.

Matt: Final Coil of Bahamut
Mr G: We have a video.

Video teased the zones.

Matt: Do you plan to adjust coil rewards?
Mr G: I’m assuming this is for gear you wanna get but can’t obtain? I understand in other games there is an armor token for this gear… so leading up to the development of the expansion, we would like to consider the options.

Yoshi P: So yeah, we’re not doing that currently, but as we prepare the new high end raids, that’s something we are implementing. I have one thing to add to this. When you clear a turn you’re not able to play that again for the week. So we’re getting from the community, yeah ok I got my one item but I want to help people in my FC. So we’re working on implementing that for 2.45 or 2.5 at the latest. There will be adjustments depending on how many are helping and drop rates.

Mr G: There will be four turns in the Final Coil.

Yoshi P: The bosses we have for turn 3 and 4 are really big spoilers. I wouldn’t suggest looking for hints.

Matt: Will job specific Allegan gear be added for Ninja?

Mr G: Yes, the weapons are unique, especially from primal battles. In terms of armor, Ninja will be able to equip what monk is able to equip. (some translation confusion and Yoshi making punching motions)

Yoshi P: Dex will be the main stat. All the primal and Allagan gear will be ready for Ninja.

Matt: What will the average item level requirement be for the Final Coil?
Mr G: To clear the dungeon it will require gear available in 2.4.
Yoshi P: First turn is okay with 2.3 gear.

Matt: Coil themed mounts/minions?
Yoshi P: If you just want some round ball, sure. (Imitated what a lala might look like hanging on to an ADS mount).

Matt: Will we see a turn that requires an alliance fight Bahamut?
Yoshi P: That’s a really good idea but getting 24 people together to do something that difficult… On the other hand we have something coming up in 2.5 with the Crystal Tower… and in the expansion there will be more alliance based raids. That’s all I can say.

Matt: Hildebrand! (Yoshi doing the pose)
Yoshi P: Show the video!

Video played of Ultros with classic FF6 music.

Yoshi P: Hildebrand isn’t always about the battles, it’s about the fun story, please look forward to it.

Matt: Battle on the Big Bridge EX?
Mr G: So the last time you battled Gilgamesh he had two arms… it might not be Extreme, but he would have eight arms. 2.5.
Yoshi P: Yeah he needs some time to grow those arms.

Yoshi P: We definitely don’t want to make any Hildebrand stuff too hard, it’s just supposed to be fun for everyone.

Matt: Will Hildebrand continue in 3.0?
Yoshi P: It’s all up to you guys. The current story will conclude in 2.5. So if he gets blown to the North… that’s up to you guys.
[Crowd Cheered]
Yoshi P: Back in 1.x and we added the inns. We thought it would be nice if we made a character to go with, we had no idea it would get this big. We don’t even know what will happen with him.

Matt: Any chance that his mother will make an appearance?
[Total look of confusion]
Yoshi P: I remember seeing in the storyline that we had planned out, that the mother was spposed to be there… but I don’t even know where she went… please look forward to it.

Matt: Item levels and new tomestone.
Mr G: Allagan tomestone of poetics.
Yoshi P: You’re gonna see a lot of Rowena, her store is getting bigger.

Matt: Will myth get phased out?
Yoshi P/Mr G: Yes.
Yoshi P: You’ll be able to exchange myth for soldiery. [Joking about not hoarding philosophy as they’ll go away]
Mr G: For the most part but you’ll be able to exchange.

Matt: Any new high level gear for DoH/L?
Yoshi P/Mr G: Yes.
Yoshi P: Balance adjustments coming for crafting and gathering by 2.45.

Matt: Other 2.4 related topics… but before that, how about housing?
Yoshi P: 2.4 wards will double. There will be new subdivisions you’ll only be able to warp to.

[Yoshi P very concerned about the powerpoint] (laughter)

Matt: What cross class skills will NIN have access to?
Mr G: You’ll need to be level 30 rogue and 15 pugilist. Additionally level 15 lancer.

Matt: Will Yugiri reveal her face in 2.4–
Yoshi P: (All in English) NO! Maybe… in 2.5….? She is new race….. Can we get that out? Go Next question!

Matt: Eternal Bond and housing
Yoshi P: Currently we have no special plans, but we have the ability so we might.
(Fernhawles explaining prenuptual agreement to Yoshi P, back and forth joking, not sure exactly lol)

Matt: Are there special restrictions for eternal bond, such as how many ceremonies per day?
Yoshi P: You can’t already be bonded.
crowd: that’s discrimination!
Fernhawles: only in some states

Yoshi P: You’ll apply on the lodestone, and you’ll get a bracelet in game, and an NPC will work out the ceremony. The ring is made after. There will be a restriction on how many ceremonies will be performed per day. When the date and time is decided, you will get invitations you can distribute. Should be ready by 2.45.

Matt: General questions. Can you please increase the atma droprate?
Mr G: Yes.
Yoshi P: More than double.
[mix of boos and cheers from the crowd]

Yoshi P: As part of the balance, soldiery will be used instead of mythology.
(It sounds like it will overall be easier and less unpredictable)

Matt: Can you remove cooldowns when changing classes?
Mr G: (Said something but couldn’t hear with feedback from mic)
Mr G: Want to avoid using a bunch of abilities on one class, switching, and switching back to reset it. We are considering removing the timers in towns/rest areas.
Yoshi P: We definitely understand how going to a sanctuary changing quickly and going to a hunt would help.

Matt: It’s tiring to cast stoneskin on each party member…
Yoshi P: Ok. Delete stoneskin (in english, laughter) *sigh* next? next? next?
Mr G: There is a backstory to this. We only had about 2 weeks to tweak 2.0. So in a primal battle it is a pain to continually cast stoneskin. We might have been so tired from the process and we almost did delete it. And asked Yoshi P if we could delete it. And Yoshi P said no! But of course we considered different options like when not engaged, maybe casting on multiple targets. There was an issue where respawning would automatically grant stoneskin. But we took care of that in 2.4 so when you respawn you’re engaged in combat. We’ll have to think about it.

Yoshi P: So, you’re going to do it?

Mr G: (nods) Next? (in english)

Matt: FC Crest on barding?
all : yes

Matt: I would like to dye my Allagan gear.
Yoshi P: We have a lot in store for it, so please wait a little on this.

Matt: Please adjust extreme primal mount drop rates.
Mr G: Why not? 2.4
Yoshi P: Right. There will be new ones so if you want those too, you gotta catch ’em all.

Matt: Any plans to introduce echo in coil 2?
Mr G: So… we’ll have lockout restriction dropped, and for 8 person party you can use duty finder.
Yoshi P: We’re doing what we did with the first coil, with the gradual easing up on it.
(Clear to explain they’re not totally not nerfing it)

Matt: That ends the Q&A.

Yoshi P: (in english) Beer?

Yoshi P: We haven’t talked about Gold Saucer… we’re going to have Chocobo Racing where players control their own chocobo. Breeding and raising will happen as well. Gold Saucer is slated for 2.5.x

Crowd: Triple Triad!!!

Yoshi P: Yes!

Fernhawles: Yes? (Genuine look of surprise)

Yoshi P: Yes!

Optional item sales:
Fantasia, past seasonal event items.
The concept is never pay to win, all vanity and largely from previously available content.

(Prices in screenshots below)

Yoshi P: How bad do you want the Fat Chocobo?
(Crowd cheers)

[Fan held up custom made Carbuncle]

Yoshi P: Make sure if you make a Carbuncle it doesn’t look like a Pika…shhh

Yoshi P: London coming up, where we’ll have even more info on 3.0 next week. In December we’ll have our final 2014 festival in Tokyo. Tickets available on the 21st of October. 2nd batch of tickets available after 1st sell out. Please look forward to it!

[Crowd chanting PVP]

Yoshi P: PVP rank cap going up in 2.4, with new rewards and some balancing and in 2.5, some new rules. After that, new maps and areas. Please look forward to them!

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