Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | Lead GM Live Blog

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Enkrateia, the lead GM joins the community team, Grekumah and Camate.

Camate: What do GMS actually do?
Enkrateia: A lot of enforcing the rules, fielding complaints, we work real hard to make the game as fun as possible. When we introduced the forums, we took on moderating those too.

Grekumah: Why don’t GMS appear more frequently in game?
Enkrateia: Appearing takes up a lot of time, we do try to appear because it makes it a little more personal. If it’s a crowded area, it sometimes causes more problems then it helps.

Camate: When you do find someone doing something wrong, why can’t you ban them immediately?
Enkrateia: A lot of it has to make sure we take the appropriate action. Grief tactics is a common grey area, one person might feel they’re being grieved, another might feel they’re just playing normally. We also distinguish ongoing issues versus immediate issues. Third party tools and macros are an interesting one. Someones we get reports from people suspected of using a third party tool, but sometimes it turns out they’ve just written a very complex macro.

Grekumah: Most frequent call?
Enkrateia: Zone disruption. One person holds up an area because they refuse to participate, or intentionally rushes a boss wiping a group.

Camate: Do all GMS have a unique name?
Enkrateia: Yes, sometimes new GMs pickup a trainee name at first.

Grekumah: How do you combine playing and being a GM?
Enkrateia: I usually don’t report stuff when I’m playing for fun. Only if it’s some sort of major violation. I’ll let MPKs or light grieving just kinda go. You don’t want to be a GM when you’re trying to enjoy the game.

Camate: Do you play a lot?
Enkrateia: Yeah I do. Not so much with Fan Fest but normally, yeah. I want to build another atma set for Ninja.

Camate: what about your team? Do the rest of the GMs play?
Enkrateia: It’s a split. There’s a definite value with people who play who speak the lingo, and know the quests. There is also value with people who are unbiased and focused on the customer service side.

Camate: Any strange or interesting stories?
Enkrateia: Absentee play investigation. When we started talking to them and started responding to us, they told the GM they had trained at kung-fu and were able to to continue to play the game in their sleep (laughter).

Camate: At the end of 1.0, there were a lot of in game activities that were planned towards the calamity. GMs were a big part of this.
Enkrateia: There are a lot of things the players never got to see, where on the backend the events with (couldn’t understand) the GMs were given role play characters complete with speech patterns we had to stick to that were part of the Garlean empire.

Camate: Did you have a lot of fun with that?
Enkrateia: It was definitely a lot of work, but right before the end we would spawn monsters in cities where ever we wanted to, and the players absolutely took on every challenge.

Camate: Some player advice- when making a GM call what’s the best thing they can do?
Enkrateia: Brevity. Try to be concise, with the important details, name time, players involved, locations, etc.