Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | Costume Contest Live Blog!

Matt Hilton introduces the contest.

Guest judges are two cosplayers (didn’t catch names) and Yoshi P. And Lisa Luhu as Garuda (epic costume lol).

Scholar from Excalibur first who kinda looks like Fusion X.

Yda cosplayer, pretty detailed.

White mage from Excalibur

Yuguri from Gilgamesh, tail fell off lol.

[Yoshi P shouted new race!]

Epic alphinaud costume with wig.

Flame Sniper from Hyperion dressed as WHM with mog staff haha.

A wild Ninja Appears!
[Yoshi P said in order to be a real ninja, maybe you should work out a bit more]

Sultana from Adamantoise.

Paladin with full relic gear, (big pop for referencing 11).

Paladin Mi’Quote up next, put on Shield Oath after he came out lol.

Lady Seegan as Minfillia w/ Tataru as a puppet! ROFLOMGIMDYING

Mi’Quote Blacksmith with moving tail lol!

Next up is Y’shtola

Another Yda, looks just like the in game character wow.

Wow, Livia Sas Junius

Gaius Van Baelsar

Mi’Quote Bard with allegedly a working relic Bow/Harp

Mi’Quote in the colosseum shall, nailed the emotes lol

Scholar up next with pretty detailed book.

Mi’Quote summoner in summoner attire, with light up book.

Mi’Quote White mage in High Allagan, with Blue Bird minion.

Black Mage with glowing staff lol.

Summoner with evenstar and carbuncle!

Another Minfilia, except this one’s a dude lol.

Scholar (I think) with titan book and fairy.

Paladin with glowing relic doing mdance ahah.

Black Mage with pretty spot on costume.

White mage in daystar, immediately came on to the stage and hid behind paladin aahahaha.

Most epic Garuda ever omg lol.

Judges deciding right now.

1st judgest choice is Blacksmith!
2nd is Alphinaud
3rd is Ninja (by Yoshi P after making fun of him lol)

Most Entertaining Award: Wolfstrike as Paladin

Greatest Detail Award: White Mage w/Bluebird (really looks right out of the game)

Most Original Award: PVP Scholar w/Fairy

Best in Show Winner: Garuda, Duh lol. I think there is actually more detail in the costume then the character in game haha!

Vivi’s Favorite: Minfilia w/ Tataru, because… TATARU!
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2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | Costume Contest Live Blog!

  1. I made that male scholar costume. I was the male scholar’s girlfriend of
    three years and he asked make the costume for the con, he lied to the
    EOS cosplayer and she thought they had been dating long distance. So
    Scholar cheated on his girlfriend in a costume she made for him and he
    took all the credit for it. Just FYI everyone.

    1. I was just reading this old post for fun, and wow I can’t believe you would air your drama out like this. You guys went to an event and you had fun, remember it as that, and let it go! This looks tacky, and honestly its going to make people do less business with you.

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