Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | Music Panel Live Blog

The Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest Music Panel is set to start in 15 minutes, stay tuned here for live blogging coverage!

Here we go!

Soken takes the stage asking “did you win big money?!?”

Fernehalwes joins him.

Soken is really animated lol.

Fernehalwes asking Soken what else he does, Soken’s talking about doing the sound design for effects, ambience and music.

SEAD is the name of the sound engine used in XIV. (Soken doesn’t know what it means lol)

Soken talked about the direction from Yoshi P for the new trailer, said Yoshi P kept saying “needs to be very big! very very big!”

Soken composed over 140 songs in 8 months.

He’s referring to Yoshi P as “Yoshi Primal” lol.

Fernehalwes: Do you like singing?
Soken: No.

Soken talking about how Yoshi P asked him to re-record the Leviathan theme the day before it was due to re-record with male vocals, and because of time, Soken sang on the track.

Demo of Soken using Cubase (which he composes the music in), Leviathan music playing. He’s singing live lol. Crowd loving it.

He’s checking to make sure Yoshi P isn’t around before playing the version with female vocals.

Soken and Fernehalwes clearly have a blast working together lol.

Soken played an alternate version of the Leviathan theme that was slower.

Yoshi P’s voice can be heard saying “NO. RECOMPOSE PLEASE.”

Soken said he did 31 versions of Leviathan theme (might have been joking).

Crowd member asked for alternate version of Leviathan on next soundtrack as a bonus track.

Soken playing virtual drums with a MIDI keyboard. He talks about how he plays drums that way, uses a keyboard to play the bass, records real guitars, and plays keyboard parts.

Showing photos of the two Square Enix in-house studios. Joking a lot about sleeping in the studio (probably a lot of truth to that).

Soken calling Yoshi P not human, and tough to work with, but very fun.

Soken confirmed he is doing the music for 3.0, started playing a part until running out of musical keys on his portable keyboard.

He played the victory fanfare jingle.

Fernehalwes asked Soken if his work is better than Uematsu’s, to which he didn’t reply lol.

A fan asked if Soken is working with Uematsu, Soken to which Soken replied “maybe!”

Soken teased “something” at the closing ceremonies.

Soken plugged buying the soundtracks, to which someone off stage said they were sold out, Fernehalwes implied that meant Soken was getting a new house.

Matt Hilton closed the panel with thank yous.

Soken and Fernehalwes were having a ton of fun, and the crowd was really into it.

A Soken/Uematsu collaboration for 3.0 would certainly be noteworthy!!
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