Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest | Lore Panel Live Blog

Fernehalwes takes the stage with Matt Hilton, lots of “Loregasm shouts” from the crowd.

Fernehalwes talking about a game he made in high school where you went to went to Las Vegas and mug an old lady when you ran out of money!?

Talked about his education, learning Japanese, and degree in teaching. Played FFXI, and soon after started working on the localization team for FFXI during Rise of the Zilart, Treasures of Aht Urghan and Wings of the Goddess.

After Wings of the Goddess, he moved onto XIV.

Localization teams are about 5 or 6 people per team, localization teams are literally sitting next to the dev team. The process is very organic (explains a why it’s so good!).

Each patch is about 100,000 words, or the size of an entire Kingdom Hearts game.

The localization involves:
Quest Dialogue
Voice Scripts
Checks for C&S
System Messages
Battle voices and Balloon Text
NPC Talk
Forum Posts and Producer Letters
Lodestone Text
Items and Help Text
Mog Station


Realm forged by Gods
Fleshed Out by a Couple of Guys with OCD slide lol.

1.0 lore came from same guy responsible for Resident Evil and FFXI (didn’t catch name).
Oda is the new Lore Director.

Fernehalwes explaining how the lore team has to work with the producer, art team, battle team and dev team to make sure everything is cohesive (he said that a lot funnier).

Careful criticism of 1.0 storyline. Fernehalwes explains the process of creating the rich background stories for quests to create a feeling of total immersion.

Due to the organic process of localization, the most creative ideas often get re-translated back into the Japanese version.

There used to be an executioner’s guild before marauder.

Fernehalwes talks about how when naming areas, names have to come with a meaning and history. In 1.0 in Coerthes Eastern Highlands, Scarwing fall was named because he was a hero of Dravania, and fell there, and all that lore comes from just the geographical formation.

The names of the continents come from a legendary story about three brothers, none of which details are actually in the game.

How do you explain hovering monsters (pugil, jellyfish etc)?
Fernehalwes: They have extra bladders (seriously lol). One will fill with noxious gas, allowing them to float up.

Why are the Allagan’s so huge?
Fernehalwes: There are only two, Amon and Xande. They did a lot of genetic manipulation. Joked that Xande ate all the food and that’s what happened to the Allagan.

Why are there so many touched Sylphs if Ramuh doesn’t seek to temper them?
Fernehalwes: The Sylphs are a little crazy and are seeking a leader, and he is accepting to them.

More backstory on Scions in 3.0.

Fernehalwes: There is only supposed to be one warrior of light (the player character). Hinted at other people trying to revive white magic.

Does the West Shroud still exist or was it destroyed by Dalamud?
Fernehalwes: It was destroyed and still exists. (huh!?)

What happened to the city of Amdapor?
The three ancient nations were at war and wiped out (couldn’t follow here).

Company of Heros was not made of members with the Echo, so how did they defeat primals?
Fernehalwes: They tried to win with massive numbers (funny joke about seeing the cone on the ground).

Are the members of the circle of knowing actually the Archons?
Fernehalwes: Yes. Nearing the end of an Astral era, they are somewhat like prophets, and survivors between eras. Tattoos explained next patch.

Where are the children from other races besides Hyur?
Fernehalwes: There are elizan children also, mi’quote in 3.0.

Explain Tha’s Bloody Balls?
Fernehalwes: I like swearing. The people have hard lives, and they swear because it’s natural. A lot of real-world swearing is based on religion, so because Eorzea has twelve gods, there’s more opportunity to create swear words/phrases. Explicitly named Thal because it rhymes with balls. Seriously.

(technical difficulties here)

Natural born Garleans cannot use aether.

English team is looking to hire

Fernehalwes created a new language for the dragons in 3.0.

Short break, Fernehalwes to return in live stream.

After the break, Camate sits down with Fernehalwes and Grekumah.
Fernehalwes saying FFXIV Fan Fest is an order of magnitude more exciting than the FFXI ones.

Fernehalwes said the english lore forums are definitely the largest.

Camate talking about how he loves reading the lore speculation from fans.

Fernehalwes has a mob named after him in Thanalan.

Grekumah: The fairies accompanying scholars… what are they?
Fernehalwes: Sprites/elementals/fairies are their own category.

Where does the trainline lead?
Fernehalwes: It was built by the Mining Guild to transport ore (private trainline).

Not all Scions have the echo.

Cross-racial relationships?
Fernehalwes: It doesn’t happen a lot culturally, but it does happen, and in upcoming quests you’ll see what that might look like.

What are the age scales of the races?
Fernehalwes: The five races can live to 100-120 biologically, but most people don’t live much longer than 50. Elezen have longer lifespans.

Who are the other legati?
Fernehalwes: Can’t answer, answer coming in 2.4.

Any plans to add a real library in game?
Fernehalwes: Hopefully.

Why don’t male highlanders have eyebrows?
Fernehalwes: It’s a battle tactic to confuse/psych out opponent.

Vivi’s thoughts:
Fernehalwes is super passionate about what he does and it’s only made better that he’s a charismatic speaker, the lore panel and post-panel stream went nearly two hours! Looking forward to our follow up interview this weekend!

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