Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest Keynote Live Blog

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 1.07.32 PM
Final Fantasy XIV CG trailer for new expansion, Heavensward. Clearly takes place in Ishgard.

Naoki Yoshida opened up the keynote in english, and said:
“Let’s talk about Final Fantasy XIV 3.0… in Japanese!”.

The story in 3.0 reveals the ways in which one can get to the many heavens in Eorzea.

New logo for FFXIV, focuses on Ishgard, Dragoons and dragons.

Jokes about how when you think of Kings, you think of Knights of somthing…(round)

Level Cap increased to 60 for all jobs and classes.
“Massive New Areas”
New playable race LOLJK haha. (Showed slide of bunny race, then a big red X. Did not say what the new race was.)
New Jobs (emphasis on the plural)
All new primals (emphasis on the plural) including a complete original to XIV.
New dungeons.
High End Raids
Airships Galore – Free companies will be able to get together and build their own airships.
New Gear and Recipes
…and more

4th City-State: The Holy See of Ishgard
Over a thousand years of history
ruled by four noble houses.
They worship a god.
Trapped in endless mire of war
Physical separation between privileged and commonfolk.
New art style

New Areas (showed short video of in game footage)
Goes beyond Coerthas.
Floating landmasses above clouds.
“Treacherous mountains” extending to unexplored reaches beyond Eorzea.
Made a point to reference FF6 and floating continent.
Multiple beast-tribe ruled domains.
Hinted at Chocobo forest.
Joked about dailies in some of the images.

More info coming at London Fan fest Oct 25th.
(loud boos lol)

Yoshida ended the keynote by posing like Hildebrand.

Matt Hilton took the stage.

Odin Battle debuting at Fan Fest.
Talked about some of the activities coming up.
Soken will be appearing at the music panel.

Stay tuned to for updates throughout the days of the event!

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