The Final Coil of Bahamut Preview

Today’s patch 2.4 preview will offer players a glimpse of the Final Coil of Bahamut, wherein the greatest of challenges awaits Eorzea’s adventurers. The truth of the Calamity lies hid within its dark confines—will it finally be brought to light?

The Final Coil of Bahamut

The resurrection of the elder primal Bahamut is nigh, and Alisaie has petitioned your aid for a final venture into the labyrinth to forestall a reckoning that would tear the realm asunder. When the truth behind the Calamity is revealed, will Alisaie at long last have the answer she desires?

Level Requirement Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Item Level Requirement ???
Party Size Eight players
Time Limit 120 minutes
Quest Fragments of Truth
Prerequisites Players must first complete the quest ” Alisaie’s Resolve.”

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  1. I gotta start working on Scob after Shiva EX is completed to take on this bad boy.:-p

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