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Error Makes Metallic Gold Dye Unobtainable

14 Oct 2014


Naoki Yoshida took to the forums this morning to inform players of an error in the coding that prevented the new metallic gold dye from becoming obtainable when you sent your retainers out on quick exploration ventures. To make up for it, Yoshida said that all players will be receiving four pots of the metallic gold dye via the Moogle Delivery Service on October 16th when they release a hotfix to address the issue.

Read on for the full statement.

Hello everyone. This is FFXIV Producer/Director Yoshida.

I’d like to explain a little bit about an error that occurred during a recent update, which led to metallic gold dye failing to drop in quick exploration ventures. The update was intended to make all the rare dyes drop with equal probability, but due to a programming error, the last line of data failed to trigger. As the metallic gold dye came at the end of the list, this meant that it couldn’t be obtained. I’m really sorry about this.

I know a lot of you were excited about playing around with the dyes, and spent a lot of ventures sending out your retainers to find them.

By way of apology, we’ll be sending all players with active subscriptions, including internet café-only subscriptions, four pots of metallic gold dye via the Moogle Delivery Service. (This applies to full accounts only. Unfortunately, players with free trial accounts will not receive this letter.)

We’ve addressed the problem on our end, and the QA team is currently making sure everything works as it should. We’re planning to release a hotfix to correct the issue on Thursday, October 16. We’ll send out the pots of dye via the Moogle Delivery Service at the same time. As soon as we can confirm when the issue will be fixed, or when the letters will be sent, we’ll post it in Topics straight away.

Please note that this is the first time we’ve implemented this method of drop randomization. None of these changes affect drop calculations for other items, which we’ve verified to be working as intended.

I apologize again for this error, and hope the gift will go some way to making up for the problems it caused.

Thank you for your continued support of FFXIV.