Square Enix Trademarks “Souten no Ishgard”


Days ago, Square Enix filed a boatload of trademarks. Out of those, there is one that Final Fantasy XIV players should definitely keep an eye on. Souten no Ishgard or “Blue Sky of Ishgard” could very well be the name of the upcoming expansion pack for FFXIV that is expected to be announced this week at the Fan Festival in Las Vegas.

With Ishgard in the expansion will also come new content that could possibly revolve around airships and dragons. Yoshida previously discussed during a live letter that if he had to decide between the sky and the sea to pick for the next expansion, he would choose sky. This makes us raise an eyebrow at another filed trademark, this one for “HEAVENSWARD”. If you think that heaven is located up above, in the sky, and that we can probably expect some kind of sky based content in the expansion, there could very well be a connection.

Is Heavensward the English title for Final Fantasy XIV 3.0? We’ll find out this weekend in Las Vegas!

via FinalFantasy.net

2 thoughts on “Square Enix Trademarks “Souten no Ishgard”

  1. People have been guessing the expansion name “Skies of Ishgard” for a very long time now. Guess it looks like we had a good idea what it would be all along.

  2. Could just be the name of patch 2.5 as we have been moving closer and closer to Ishgard with each 2.x patch

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