Gamer Escape At FFXIV Fan Festival 2014

gefanfest2014 Gamer Escape will be on the ground in Las Vegas next weekend for the first ever Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival! We’ll be there to cover the event and bring you the latest information from all of the presentations taking place on stage as well as exclusive interviews with the FFXIV Development Team and Koji Fox (Fernehalwes)! Read on for more of our plans at Fan Fest 2014! We’ll be hard at work in Las Vegas to bring you the latest information from the event. With the official streams this year, a lot of what’s happening on stage will be seen by all of you not at the event. We’ll absolutely be covering those large announcements, but in addition to posts to the site, we’ll be recording two podcasts out at Vegas, with each of them containing exciting information from the event, with Aetheryte Radio including our exclusive interview with the Development Team! ff2014lorecast.fw (2) Lorecast Fusionx and Anwyll will be sitting down to talk about the information dropped during the lore panel! We’ll also be sitting down with Fernehalwes himself to ask some questions of our own! ff2014aetheryteradio.fw Aetheryte Radio Join Fusionx, Brin, and Xenedra as they recap Fan Fest 2014 and discuss our interview with the Final Fantasy XIV Development Team! Podcasts and Interviews can take a long time to edit and transcribe. Please understand that they might not see release during Fan Fest weekend, but a few days after the event.   For Those Attending Without a booth to call home this year, the Gamer Escape staff can be spotted all around the show floor this year. We’ll be wearing our Gamer Escape shirts and hats to make us easy to spot in the crowd of excited attendees. Furthermore, if you find one of us at the show you’ll be able to get some free Gamer Escape swag! gefanfestswag While supplies last, GE staff will be handing out key chains, stress balls, and bags to anyone that finds us! Hope to see you at the show!