FFXIV Very Close To DX11 Client Finish Line

In an interview with Nvidia, Naoki Yoshida says that they are “very close” to reaching the finish line for the development of the DX11 client for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Announced early on, the DX11 version has been pushed back a number of times over the past year and it finally seems like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Could we be seeing the DX11 version in action at one of the Fan Fests coming up? We’ll have to wait and see!

8 thoughts on “FFXIV Very Close To DX11 Client Finish Line

    1. Noob answer: We get better visual effects and whatnot. Not too sure on the details

    2. Basicly, DirectX is the “library” the computer will reference for certain graphical features.

      Dx9 (What XIV uses now) is fairly dated, Dx11 being the most up to date itteration offers better performance and array of new graphical features.

      These new graphical features can often dramatically change the performance of the game and certain visual aspects, as well as offer ones that add more fine detail and realistic detail that would be more difficult to procure under Dx9.

      One big flaw is “Anti-Aliasing”, we can’t use Hardware Anti-Aliasing under Dx9 with the lightning system used in XIV, so Dx11 will see the return on Hardware Anti-Aliasing, this make HUGE difference to the game.

      Currently we use sofware AA (FXAA) which just blurs everything a bit (and looks terrible), hardware AA will only smooth the edge of transparent textures edges, and 3D model edges, leaving everything else alone.

      They’re also using this as an excuse to push the PC client to the best visual detail that they can for now, as originally on launch they were more worried about “Will the game be successful”, as opposed to “Does this have the best graphics we could achieve on a PC”. So you’ll see a texture upgrade now or in the future too, (things will look less pixely and blurry), which was possible in Dx9, they can just use the Dx11 as a base for “This is the hefty client, you need a good PC for this”.

      I could type a bunch of other crap that’ll probably go over your head, but if they do this right now and over time the game could look absolutely stunning, whilst leaving the game accessible for people without a beefy PC.

    3. Direct X 11 is a certain library (one of many available) containing graphical features and implementation methods that computers can reference. Direct X 9 is the current library in use by FFXIV.

      The common belief is that DX11 will increase the overall experience of FFXIV but this is not necessarily true. The developers need to make sure their engine (Crystal Tools) properly implements the library calls in a manner that is efficient, beneficiary to the computer as well as the overall experience. DX9, whilst older can be implemented to operate at a quality not warranting the need for an update.

      What is really happening is SE rushed their game out the door for consoles (the second time FFXIV was rushed) and implemented a rushed engine and graphical feature set which fans are decided unhappy for 2 reasons. The first is buyers remorse: the fact many have up-to-date DX11 cards that they purchased just for the DX11 standard operating factor which is essentially just a cash grab by Microsoft, the parent company of Direct X who receives royalties from major video graphics manufacturers like NVidia and AMD to codevelop and spread the library to game developers to implement design games which call on said library when the overall problem with FFXIV’s graphical quality and performance is almost entirely due to the engine which the developers created that still to this day sluggishly and poorly references graphical procedure calls as well as implementing graphical process based procedures which circumvent video card drivers and therefore operate entirely on card performance. This results in performance based on SE coding quality (not very high) and quality also based on SE coding quality (again not very high).

      The proof is that there are 3rd party post process programs which can forcefully increase the quality of FFXIV beyond that which the game officially supports based on technology present in the library of Direct X 7.

      1. FFXIV hasn’t been on Crystal Tools since 1.0. The new engine I believe is a hybrid of elements of CT mixed with some luminous tech, a custom engine specifically for FFXIV.

        1. you seem to be assuming that anything called Crystal Tools is bad. Fact of the matter is the engine was updated but it still called Crystal Tools.

        2. Source? Last I heard it was going to have a different name- no ones bothered asking since then.

        3. The “New Engine” thing is publicity for SE to try and distance themselves further from the original FFXIV. It doesn’t embody the issues with the original Crystal Tools but apparently it is very close. I remember Yoshida or one of the developers commenting saying something like “We got help from FFXV/FabulaNovaCrystalis team for 2.0 because of their familiarity with Crystal Tools”

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