From Astral To Umbral Track List Revealed!


From Astral to Umbral, the newest album to be released for Final Fantasy XIV will have both piano and band arrangements on it, courtesy of Masayoshi Soken’s newly formed band “The Primals”.

The album, which is set to release on December 17th already has a site up, and the track list is now available!

The piano collections are made up of mostly area themes from the game such as Serenity and To the Sun while the band arrangments include Primal themes including a brand new one, Oblivion, for Shiva.

You can visit the official site for From Astral to Umbral here.

Piano Collections

  • Serenity
  • Wailers And Waterwheels
  • To the Sun
  • A New Hope
  • On Westerly Winds
  • I Am the Sea

Band Arrangement

  • Primal Judgment
  • Under the Weight
  • Fallen Angel
  • Through the Maelstrom
  • Thunder Rolls
  • Oblivion

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    1. it says in the last sentence that oblivion is for shiva

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