Letter From The Producer LIVE TGS 2014 Highlights

In addition to a few highlights from the Letter From The Producer LIVE at TGS 2014, Square Enix has released some videos that were shown during the broadcast which you can find after our highlights!

  • Patch 2.4 is Dreams of Ice. New artwork was shown!


  • Rogue will not be a starting class, but rather something that players can unlock after level 10.
  • The Third Binding Coil of Bahamut will be the last one. The final boss is still a secret.
  • The Eternal Bond system (marriage) will be finished by 2.45
  • Developers are considering lowering the number of people needed to clear Labyrinth of the Ancients because it’s not as popular anymore. Additionally, they’re considering making it possible to solo low level dungeons.
  • All Saints Wake is coming soon. No details yet but they gave us a picture.


  • Masayoshi Soken will be hosting a special musical performance at Fan Fest with his band “The Primals”. The band used to be called The Goobbues but it wasn’t really a name that the ladies liked… and a band name has to attract the ladies!
  • A new Blu-ray soundtrack was announced. From Astral to Umbral which contains special covers and piano versions of popular tracks from Final Fantasy XIV. It will be available December 17th.
  • Along with the new artbook that is planned to debut at the North American Fan Fest, Fan Fest attendees will also get a chance to purchase a plush Delivery Moogle! It comes with a Delivery Moogle Minion.



The TGS 2014 trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

A new video showing off Rogue and Ninja

The new Dungeon Snowcloak along with Sastasha and Temple of Qarn Hard Modes

The Ahk Afah Amphiteatre where you battle Shiva

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  1. Such cool info, the music for snowcloak sounds amazing. Really exciting about 2.4 :)

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