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Eorzea's Voice: One Week (Since You Hunted Me)

26 Aug 2014

Article 6.fw

Welcome to Eorzea’s Voice, your one stop scoop for all things opinionated! Within Eorzea, anyway. So what will this article entail, you all (or most) wonder?

It will be all about Minfilia! Yes, how this girl managed to win the hearts of all I will be unable to fathom! Joking aside, I would like to delve into Hunts and Frontlines as the subject for this piece. Granted, I touched upon the topics last article, but with time, I wanted to delve further into the phenome(nom). I believed at one point that the crowds were to die off with time (a month), but hunters roamed by and large after the expected time period. Not that I have an issue with it. Just recently did I join the bandwagon on the Hunts, and lemme tell you, I enjoy almost every single moment of it (unless I cannot see the mob after watching my laptop choke horribly on the rendering of oomph amount of players).

Frontlines are also still happening, though the amount of participants has somewhat diminished (more-than-likely due to not enough incentives being released). I have not yet participated in this activity of flea-infested hoardings, but I still look forward to it, whenever I have enough incentive to/have enough bravery. That being said, I still interviewed others, not only to provide me with reasons to dampen my fears, but to also give other players the scope into Frontlines (especially players who have yet not attempted Frontlines). So what do others say about Hunts and Frontlines?

Guildmaster Fob 08/13/2014 01:18:44

(This player followed an exact prompt for their responses. Prompt is below this.)

1. How into Hunts and Frontlines are you?

2. Are Hunts beneficial to all?

3. What have you bought with your seals thus far?

4. If there is one way to improve Hunts or Frontlines, what would you do?

5. What is your favorite mob out of the Hunts?

6. What do you think about no morale in Frontlines?

7. What team are you on in Frontlines?

8. What rewards would you like to see in Frontlines and/or Hunts?

9. How do you hunt? Solo? With a group? Lie in wait, or run the moment you see someone call for the mob?

1. I enjoy Frontlines! It’s fun PvP content that, while I don’t always win, I still get something for the trouble regardless, which to me is pretty great! Hunts, on the other hand, are kinda not-good. It’s the ‘Black Friday’ of FFXIV content. It’s Odin/Behemoth on crack. Odin/Behemoth content really doesn’t need to be on crack.

2. I can definitely see Hunts being beneficial to the people who want to grind out content quickly. The way they’re structured isn’t very good, but the rewards, for those who manage to endure, are great.

3. I have earned zero allied seals thus far, so nothing.

4. I have one big opinion on how both Frontlines and Hunts could be improved. Give Frontlines some Allied Seal drops, and remove all Allied Seal drops from Hunts. Keep the Allied Seal rewards from the daily / weekly marks, of course, but don’t allow every mark to drop seals all the time. With this in mind, Hunts will be a lot less swamped while everyone will get Allied Seal drops from and populate Frontlines.

5. I don’t have a favorite mob out of the Hunts at the moment.

6. I think it makes PvP gear even more worthless than it already was, but it does give PvP rookies a fighting chance.

7. Immortal Flames! For Coin and Country, Always and Forever!

8. In Frontlines, considering the whole issue with Cartaneau Flats is all about asserting claim to Allagan Ruins, how about some rare mat drops that can be used to craft certain kinds of Allagan furniture? For Hunts, how about ‘Trophy’ mat drops from S-Ranks to make furniture based on those Hunts?

9. I don’t hunt.

– Burning Passion, Balmung

Guildmaster Fob 08/07/2014 02:08:31

Okay, favorite point of this comment here: The fact that Hunts are the ‘Black Friday’ of FFXIV content. This line is absolutely brilliant and true! I imagine players rushing toward the mark, shoving others to the side and tripping them over as they attempt to be the first people to tag the mark. Fortunately, people tend to wait for others before taking down the marks (on Hyperion, anyway). My poor laptop, however, stutters, sweats, and gasps for air every time I attempt a mark.

I think it is ridiculous that they introduce a PvP element like Frontlines that appeals to a lot of people, but it scraps morale, making PvP gear worthless for PvP. Right now, the only use I see for Frontlines is leveling up Desynthesis. Hunts could have been amazing, but I think they implemented it wrong. They tossed it out there without much thought and it gave way to massive ToS violating, brought out the absolute worst in the community, and the no cap rewards pretty much made the other big part of the patch, Syrcus Tower, worthless. As for a favorite mob in Hunts, there is only one mob, the sheep mob that mindlessly goes around destroying marks as soon as they spawn, poorly implemented content made bad players shine.

One way to improve hunts: have daily/weekly give currency accepted by the hunter scholars, make the hunter scholars give you a trap, B, A, or S depending on how much you pay, you get a location, you go set your trap and it spawns the mark, which is locked to your group like treasure maps are. This would get people to do daily weekly hunts so they can do the marks, so they can get the Allied Seal rewards, and this would have a built-in cap.

To improve Frontlines, either put morale back in or don’t diminish defense and magic defense, morale was made to replace it, so it makes no sense to leave it out if they leave out morale as well, this only created an imbalance between archetypes where healers can damage almost as well as DPS and heal, and tanks are as squishy as everyone else, but don’t have quite as much damage.

– Vizzer Mcshiggs, Sargatanas

I have yet to try Frontlines, as I have been a very busy woman working on the crafting (four crafts at fifty now!) and the Desynthesis and the PvE. I do not think that the Hunts make Syrcus Tower worthless, per se (because there are those that search for best-in-slot gear for their character build), but I think that people do not attend Syrcus Tower as often because of hunting. That being said, I do not think Hunts marks will be obliterated forever. Given time, the crowds will diminish to a reasonable amount.


I can only comment on Frontlines, as that’s what my ‘end-game’ consists mainly of since hitting level 50 last week.

First off, despite Twin Adder’s abysmal lack of coordination here on the Jenova server, I still very much enjoy Frontlines. I feel the rewards are adequate for the most part. However, I believe that the amount of Mythology and Soldiery should be reduced depending on what place you’re in. For instance, 1st gets the normal 50 Myth and 25 Soldiery, 2nd gets 40 and 20, while 3rd receives 30 and 15. Something like that. Here on Jenova, we have several players who queue for FL, and then ‘AFK’ in a fashion. They’ll move within the two minute window, preventing them from getting kicked out. Some even boldly throw insults at the teams actively engaged, while still standing in the same place they spawn – again, to prevent from being auto-kicked. I believe this will deter those that are there for the free Myth/Soldiery, and opt to either actively compete, or do something else.

On the Morale issue, I believe Frontlines should be an area where Morale matters. I admit, there will be some gear discrepancy between those with, and without PvP gear, I look at the nature of Frontlines in general and find that the natural ‘zerg-y’ nature of the game will help alleviate this issue should a coordinated team in PvP gear decide to camp an Outpost. For instance, should an opposing team in PvP gear take Manors, team C and part of team B could opt to zerg them, or run splits to other outpost that are defended by players in some, or no PvP gear. And if they do choose to tackle them head-on, I think this would promote a little more thinking regarding priority targets, and more intelligent use of their skills. The excuse of not having PvP gear seems to be a non-issue in my opinion. If I’m not mistaken, there’s a set you can buy rather cheaply off the Market Place. Or better yet (assuming it’s not already done and I’ve missed it), the developers could supply everyone (through a quest no less) with a basic set so that they’re not completely helpless if they’re brand new players. The amount of Wolf Marks one earns is enough to get your ilvl70 set rather quickly whether you place first, second, or third.

Rewards: I think the actual rewards of Frontlines are alright, but would like to see them adjusted. I don’t, however, think that about Wolf Marks. If PvP is to last in this game, and keep players interested in it, they need to add more things to purchase with Wolf Marks. Gear and Materia aside, it’s pretty pointless. That’s not good at all. Not for those that are dedicated to PvP, or those that are thinking about giving it a shot. Yes, there are those that PvP because it’s PvP, but those people are far, far less than those that need something shiny to go after. I’m a mix between those two extremes, and as I do love to PvP, I’d like to be able to say I got this, or that thing from my efforts. With that said, I think there should be mini’s, mounts, a few more titles, armors/glamours etc. things like that. This is doubly so in Wolves’ Den. I think the rewards there need to outweigh those that may or may not get implemented in Frontlines, as WD from what I’ve seen thus far, and from the general consensus here (as in the Forums), and in-game, is dead. That’s an issue that’s not relevant, but should still be stated.

Just my two cents.

– Jenova Life, Jenova

I think that I would hop on the Frontlines bandwagon a LOT faster if rewards included a minion or some sort. There is a mount, but I have given up on the mount hunt since mount drop rates have become abysmal in certain instances (looking at you, Garuda/insert-other-Ex-primals-here). What kind of minions would exist in Frontlines? Flea minions! Okay okay, probably a mini warhorse would be cute.

Guildmaster Fob 08/13/2014 01:08:05

How into Hunts and Frontlines are you?
I’ve done more Hunts than Frontlines, but that was mostly due to rewards and being nervous about doing PvP, as I don’t typically like that sort of thing. Having actually tried both now, I much prefer Frontlines. It’s a fun, pretty casual, diverse experience with reasonable rewards. Hunts are a hectic, annoying, zerg-fest with fantastic rewards if you don’t mind the tedium, drama, and mad dashes toward new found marks. I feel like some restrictions might be in order, if not an overhaul.

Are Hunts beneficial to all?
To all? No. By design they cater to a small crowd (compared to the number of people logged in at a time). There’s never enough of this content to satiate everyone wanting to participate which leads to a frantic and unpleasant experience for most people playing, even if they are getting credit frequently. Moreover, it strictly caters to the dedicated groups. Happening upon a mark while solo generally just means that you can get minimum credit on it.

What have you bought with your seals thus far?
Nothing. I have about 430 from a combination of 2 hunt parties (about 2 hours each) and whatever I found/ solo’d while doing other things. It’s very lackluster content if your aim is to have fun.

If there was one way to improve Hunts or Frontlines, what would you do?
Personally I would restore morale to PvP gear for Frontlines. It seems senseless to me that PvP gear’s best use is Desynthesis. This would likely mean that I’d get slaughtered more often, but I feel like if PvP gear exists it should have some use and it should even out between GCs and over time anyway. I feel like hunts should be redesigned to be individualized. Change the weekly mark to an S rank that can be spawned on demand (like a treasure map). Change daily marks to a single rank A that can be spawned like a treasure map. Change rank B to be spawned like a treasure map, but make those mark bills purchasable with tomes (whichever) and/or GC seals. Lower the rewards on S and A (in AS/ tomes) and balance S around 8 people, A around 4, and B around 1-2.

What do you think about no morale in Frontlines?
As stated above, I don’t think it’s good design to make PvP gear with a specific PvP stat that is negated in the most popular PvP venue. It might be unbalanced for the individual (with no PvP gear), but on the whole it should be balanced between teams. It would also give people something to buy with wolf marks besides Desynthesis fodder.

What team are you on in Frontlines?
Immortal Flames!

How do you hunt? Solo? With a group? Lie in wait, or run the moment you see someone call for the mob?
I’m most often solo when I see a mark, though the only way to successfully hunt is in a group dedicated to that end.

– Monkey Nutz, Behemoth

I have been hopping between grand companies just to complete my minion collection. Granted, I have yet to try Frontlines for either the Maelstrom or the Adders, but before I head back to the Maelstrom, I believe I may give this type of PvP a try on the Immortal Flames. This player’s suggestions also seems incredibly reasonable. I do find Hunts pretty fun, considering the amount of challenge it provides (AKA for now, fighting over groups to reach the mark before the mark is dismembered).

Hunts help with the gearing up process and have pretty much rendered dungeon speed runs for Mythos and Soldiery obsolete. Frontlines has added a fun large-scale PvP experience but the GC limitations are the only drawback as you can’t queue with friends from different GCs.

How into Hunts and Frontlines are you?
I enjoy Frontlines more than Hunts. Hunts are just mindless grinding and a lot of people feel entitled to every kill and it’s brought out the worst in the community.

Are Hunts beneficial to all?
PS3 and even PS4 players seem to get the short end of the stick on hunts during peak hours. Especially when an S rank spawns.

What is your favorite mob out of the hunts?
Hellsclaw, it’s fun watching impatient people die to Counter Measures, heh.

What do you think about no morale in Frontlines?
It’ll most likely be implemented with the next patch.

What team are you on in Frontlines?

– Ragnell Ragnarok, Goblin

Imagining the ability Counter Measure on tens (or hundreds?) of people does bring a giggle on my lips. I think I would like to see more Hunt mobs that do silly counter measures, like turn most everyone into fire frogs, or have a Siren-Song related curse so everyone turns onto each other. Okay the latter might just be a bit excessive…

Nevertheless, I have not seen too many negative comments in shout/say/yell/whatever, but referring to FusionX’s post regarding the hunts, it can turn pretty nasty. I almost want to see for myself… But a friend has informed me once that on Hyperion (at the very least), people who pull early or insult others are more than likely to be not only thrown out of Hunt Linkshells, but be blacklisted by the entire community. Eek! Glad I don’t pull early!

Guildmaster Fob 08/10/2014 14:31:00

I haven’t had much experience with either, but I did participate in my few hunts last night, and I can honestly say that it’s not worth it on a PS3. I teleported to one hunt with my party, and stuck in limbo for almost 5 minutes. On another hunt, I was able to see the mark before anyone attacked it, but, when someone finally attacked, the mob disappeared and the hunt was over in under a minute.

I also don’t understand why SE would undermine their entire mythology/soldiery system by making it so super-easy to acquire high-level gear, unless, of course, there just aren’t enough players participating in end-game pick-up groups. That said, I know players who’ve acquired gear for several classes in a matter of weeks just from hunting. The game was easy enough before marks.

– Mythral Godsong, Siren

I have heard from a friend that Hunts are ridiculous on PS3, where there are blatant hardware issues holding players back from receiving full credit. The loading takes very long (I’ve heard complaints of about five minutes +), and by the time the player even reaches the mark, the other players have already slaughtered it. I still have seen very few groups in Party Finder for hunting (less than Second Coil pickup groups, anyway), so though Hunts may dominate, I do not believe they’re completely taking over the server. That being said, it’s hard to find people willing to do Extreme Primals.

Hunts can die in a fire.

Frontlines are so fun though. Let’s go get it tonight Ragnell!

– Rave Glory, Siren

Okay, Hunts aren’t THAT bad… Can cause frustration, but I think with a fair amount of improvement (i.e. changing the rewards, limiting Hunts to smaller group like treasure hunts), it may please the community a bit more.

Hunts are my [email protected]$%. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can get a Sand or Oil before I actually have the tomes to get a piece to upgrade, plus I’ve already gotten two of the Unweathered weapons thanks to planning ahead and hoarding tokens.

– Xandria Lionnellais, Diabolos

Hunts do not have the greatest Badbadonkadonk results (i.e. frustration causing instances, players cheating), but as mentioned previously, they’re pretty fun. I’m still not even close to buying any item with my seals, but I do know I will be enjoying myself until I do get everything. That being said, I only casually participate in hunts. Someday, though, I will have enough for my Succubus and Treasure Box minions!

As a conclusion, Hunts are not terrible. They’re not perfect, but with time, they will balance out… or I hope they will. To those that believe that the Hunts are weakening the community, I think there are mixed-bag results. In some ways, I think Hunts do bring the community closer together through the formation of friendly, engaging parties (in my experience), but Hunts can cause players to rear their ugly heads in certain circumstances. It sometimes becomes frustrating, but with patience, Hunts become rewarding. Granted, I have not spent any seals on anything, but for me, the fun lies in the race to Hunt the mark. Frontlines I will have to try, but from watching the screens of local players, I can see how they can be enjoyable, and how people would be able to put in hours into the sports planning how to feign the other teams. I’m sure the moment I step into the battlefield I will be addicted.

But in the meantime, how are you all reacting thus far to Hunts and Frontlines, now that it has been a bit since the release of 2.3? Are you in favor of the Hunts, or the Frontlines? Did you buy everything that the GCs have to offer? Do you have any recommendations on how to improve the systems? Please do share your thoughts using our Twitter and Facebook pages, or email me at [email protected]! Tune in next time on Eorzea’s Voice, featuring opinions on the preference of Eorzean races in the real world! Till the sea swallows all!