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The Lore Train: Hunt Bills

20 Aug 2014


For those that read our interview with Fernehalwes out at E3 this year, you might remember him telling us about the Hunt Bills and how we should look forward to being able to read the text that’s on them. Well, now that the content is out it’s… a bit difficult to read the words.

Fortunately, we were able to light up our Ferne signal and he provided us with the text that’s used on the bills! Read on to learn what they say!


The text that comes right below the reward amount is:

In these days darke the Realm weepeth befiled by terrors great and smalle withal.
Calamitous events beckon hither sundry beasts
what would sup upon our very lifeblood.
Yet verily blood must be repaid with blood, for where war doth beget blood, blood doth peace.

The text contained in the square seal at the bottom:

Bill issued under
the auspices of the
Eorzean Alliance
who have hereunto
rendered it binding
by the grace of
Her hands tern

The text contained in the round seal with the map of Eorzea:

In One Are Twelve
From Twelve Is One

The 4 lines of text near the bottom of each bill (near the notary’s signature):

Let it be knowne that as is writ
withinnne Hunt edict fair pecuniary
requital shall be stowed upon
he who slayeth aforesaid mark.

As I (think I may have) mentioned in a past post, literacy rates in Eorzea are quite low. The only people who can read/write are usually the educated writing for the educated. This causes them to use an overly complex jumble of jargon that sounds little like what is actually spoken in Eorzea. The spelling and lack of punctuation can be blamed on the fact that because there were so few people who could read or write, there was really no standardized set of rules. This left those who were literate to make up their own rules (which was pretty much what every educated man and woman did).

I houpe Thatte hellpes!