Bragging Rights: One Year Anniversary


The one year anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is right around the corner!

And hey, what do you know! So is the 5 year anniversary of Aetheryte Radio! Let’s combine the two for a special edition of Bragging Rights!

We want to hear your biggest accomplishments from this past year since the launch (or early access) of A Realm Reborn! Drop them in a comment below and we’ll read them on our next episode which is currently scheduled for August 16th at 3:00 PM EST!

How to submit your Bragging Rights

Leave a comment on this post with the following information:

  • Character Name
  • Character World
  • List a few of your biggest in-game accomplishments since launch!


5 thoughts on “Bragging Rights: One Year Anniversary

  1. Fahrenheit Desalier
    I, as a part of my awesome Free Company (404 Guild Not Found) got to be a part of numerous FC hosted events over the year that have given out hundreds of dollars in prices and been attended by so many players that there was culling on level with the Behemoth and Odin fights. We get regarded from time to time like server celebrities. It’s not much, but I’m proud.

  2. Beating Titan Hard Mode *felt* like the biggest accomplishment at the time, even though he’s easy now XD

  3. Aleister Crowley
    *Titan HM
    *Titan Ex
    *Turn 5
    *All jobs (except Fisher, 44 atm should be 50 by 16th of August though) to 50
    *Stardust Rod Atma
    *Stardust Rod Animus
    *Stardust Rod Novus
    *FC I started, “eXile”, is still active!
    *Tickets to FanFest in Vegas!!!!

  4. Name: Yuis’r Amariyo
    World: Gilgamesh
    My biggest achievement is that I actually came back after 5 months, I originally had no intention to but I had money left over, so I popped in to see the current state of things. When I left, the market board was useless…. sadly, thats my one gripe about the game. At the time the player economy was a failure and without it, I felt like half the game was obsolete.
    Now Ive come back, the economy has become active (probably due to the release of guild housing) and now the game is everything I was looking for.
    Now I can finally feel what I felt when I was playing FFXI.. I feel at home.

  5. X’ofia Braxish
    – Completed the story and made it to end game for the first time in any MMO. Heck, I didn’t run dungeons in MMOs before A Realm Reborn.
    – Garuda EX. Through my first Duty Finder for the fight, no less, after trying for months with Party Finder. F*** Party Finder EX Primals
    – Got iLevel 100 on my BLM just two weeks before the one year anniversary! Feels good, man :D

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