FFXIV Introduces Free Trial and Recruit A Friend Campaign


Today, Square Enix has announced two things in order to make the journey into Eorzea easier than ever before.

The first is a 14 day free trial which is perfect for those looking to get into the game but want to try before they buy. You can access the site for the free trial here.

The second is the Recruit a Friend Campaign which will allow existing players to e-mail a recruit code to a friend that they can use when signing up for the game for the first time. If the friend subs for 30 days then the recruiter and their friend will receive a Friendship Circlet which will increase EXP gains by 20% under level 25. Additionally, recruiters will receive the Aetheryte Pendulum which will allow them to teleport to the aetheryte closest to a New Adventurer on the friend list.  At a 90 day subscription, the recruiter will earn the Draught Chocobo Whistle- the game’s first two person mount.

You can see all of the information about the Recruit a Friend Campaign here.

One thought on “FFXIV Introduces Free Trial and Recruit A Friend Campaign

  1. sucks I’ve already recruited 3 people… Oh well.

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