FFXIV Patch 2.3 Ushers In Game Breaking Imbalance With The Hunt


With Defenders of Eorzea Patch 2.3 hitting last week, the over two million players of Final Fantasy XIV have been rushing into the new content.

The new system that has caught everyone’s attention is the Hunt – content that allows you to earn Allied Seals from slaying Notorious Monsters in the field which can then be redeemed for items such as Alexandrite, gear previously available from Mythology Tomestones and new gear specific to the Hunt.

The most notable item that can be purchased with the rewarded Allied Seals however, is the Blood-Spattered Mark Log, which can then be exchanged for Oils of Time and Sands of Time which were previously only available in the Second Binding Coil of Bahamut. These are used to upgrade ilevel 100 equipment and are therefore in very high demand.

There are some articles that praise Square Enix for this system, calling it a grand social experiment. These articles praise the system without experiencing it for what it truly is – the most unbalanced, game breaking system that Square Enix has ever implemented since A Realm Reborn’s launch.

Jumping into Hunts solo

My first day out on the Hunt involved me picking up both the daily and weekly bills to get an idea of what monsters I needed to go after. The daily targets yielded 1 or 2 Allied Seals upon completion, which seemed excruciatingly low when considering the new Hunt exclusive gear cost upwards of 1,000 seals. The second bill for the Elite Mark said it would yield 20 Allied Seals upon its defeat. After joining up with a Hunt-focused Linkshell (which is almost necessary to do this content) I saw a position posted for the monster known as Naul. After its defeat, I was awarded with… wait… only 1 Allied Seal? The bill said 20!


Herein lies the first problem with the Hunt: You need to do a certain amount of actions to get the maximum reward for defeating a target. You have a bill saying to kill Naul? That’s great! You got a couple hits off of him? Even better! The game said you’ve been rewarded for your contribution, thus acknowledging that you helped defeat the beast! However, you didn’t do enough before it was defeated by the other few hundred players that wanted to cross it off their weekly bill- so you don’t get the full credit. Tracking the monster down and running to its location sadly aren’t added to your contribution score even though it’s the hardest part about the Hunt.

The second problem with the Hunt is that the bills that you get – the ones that  tell you which targets to hunt and kill – are unneeded. You can hunt targets without receiving them on a bill (or a bill at all) and frankly it’s much more time-effective to track down and eliminate any enemy you can versus focusing on a specific mark.

The Hunt Party

The next day I decided to jump entirely into Hunt content. I joined a party that had formed in the Hunt-specific Linkshell and we roamed the lands of Eorzea in search of the various targets that would yield Allied Seals. It was during this group (which I was in for at least 8 hours) that I discovered that the only way to successfully get full credit on a kill is to be in a party. Unless you’re targeting the daily marks, at 1-2 Allied Seals apiece, this content is not solo friendly.

The other thing that I learned during this second day is that there are a lot of other people on the server also looking for these monsters and they could care less about you and your party. Countless times a member of our party had stumbled upon a target, only for it to be defeated by other groups by the time the rest of us arrived on the scene. This means we had to wait at least one hour for another target to spawn again in that area, and maybe much longer if it’s a higher tier mark. This is problem number 3.

We were able to find quite a few targets of our own during the day, although we were sometimes unable to get credit as we arrived right when a target was being defeated and before we could attack the monster.


Towards the end of the day, people who had apparently run into the same issues as our group started to shout at players that pulled the monsters. The idea was that players should wait for other players to arrive before pulling, so that more people can get credit for the kill (and the Allied Seal rewards). While good in theory, in practice the monsters will inevitably get pulled prior to everyone arriving. This led to people shouting out of the name of the player who first engaged the monster, with several saying that they would add that person to their blacklist. Let’s call this problem 3a, as it relates to the above and is somewhat community controlled.

I’m not sure what Yoshida envisioned when first coming up with the idea of the Hunt, but I’m sure that people going on a witch hunt for pullers wasn’t part of the equation.


At the end of a full day of doing only the Hunt, I had earned enough Allied Seals to acquire my first Sands of Time and complete a Rosenbogen for my Bard. It was a satisfying reward given the ease of the content (not including the time or effort to locate the monsters), although I received a few dirty looks from friends that had gotten the same item from doing the much more difficult Binding Coil content. They were a bit upset that this item that took their static weeks of perfecting strategies in order to obtain, could now be earned by simply running around for a day and killing monsters. I didn’t care much at the time having just completed a kick-ass weapon for myself, but looking back now, I can understand their reaction to it. This is, arguably, problem number 4.

Desperate Times…

On the third day of my Hunt adventures, the word on the street was that players had begun to use third party radar apps to give them an unfair advantage with tracking down marks. There was a widespread feeling of discouragement for part of the day, as it seemed more difficult than ever to track down marks for the hunting party. This is most certainly problem number 5.

Midway through the day, I remember seeing a post on Reddit that claimed to have found a way to combat the people using these radar apps. They said that by naming your Chocobo Companion after one of these Notorious Monsters that these players wouldn’t be able to tell the difference and would come running if you summoned your Chocobo. I never saw this first hand, but I found it both funny that players had come up with their own way to combat cheaters yet also sad in that players had to come up with methods like this to begin with.

The Ninja Hotfix

The small update that was originally said to include adjustments for Frontline queues snuck in some changes to monsters included in the Hunt. The largest change was that the HP of monsters would be increased- a suggestion made by players so that the monsters would take longer to kill and thus give players more time to get to the target in order to get credit. The second change was the amount of contribution points needed for the reward were eased. This would hopefully make it easier for players to get full credit. Lastly for the S ranks, which suffered the same problems that Behemoth and Odin had when A Realm Reborn first launched, S rank mobs had now been given load priority which would most definitely help those issues.

As a nice bonus, after the update was completed there was a notice that some players were observed using “illicit actions” to complete content and those that were found out had received a temporary ban.

Way to go Square Enix!

Too Many Players

Today while in my hunting sessions I came to a new realization. After the patch yesterday which in theory, would allow more people to fairly participate in the hunt, a lot more players who had not looked closely at the content became more interested. A lot more.


Now, when arriving at A rank marks waiting to engage, and spamming my abilities until it falls to the ground, I can’t seem to get full credit. There are simply too many players participating in this content which makes it impossible to get a maximum contribution score from a kill. This will only encourage players to pull sooner so that they can get full credit for a kill- the exact opposite of what both the community and Square Enix hoped for after these changes were made to monster HP.

Hunt > All

The ultimate problem with the Hunt as it stands now is in the rewards that can be earned, namely the Oils of Time and Sands of Time.

As previously stated, previously these items were only available in the Second Binding Coil of Bahamut- the hardest end game content that Final Fantasy XIV has to offer. It’s also important to note that The Second Binding Coil of Bahamut also has a weekly lockout on rewards.

So where a raid group was limited to what they could earn in a week, a hunt party can now get as many of these same, valuable, items as they want with zero limitations, in less time, and with less effort. I’ve heard tales of players dropping out of duties half way through because of Hunt targets spawning. Those Allied Seals are infinitely more important than anything they could hope to get in the content they’re already participating in. This leads to slower than normal Duty Finder queues, with even required jobs taking abnormally long to hop into a roulette.

All of Eorzea is out in the field searching for these new monsters, to obtain Allied Seals, to obtain Oils of Time and Sands of Time, and it is having a negative effect on the game and its ecosystem. Possible solutions? Yoshida could just remove these items as rewards from the Hunt. There are other rewards that still make it a compelling system. Another option is to cap the number of Allied Seals that can be acquired per day or week, so that at the very least the time requirement is more appropriate in comparison to the rewards.


When an item (or equivalent items) are available through different methods, the methods need to be balanced. That balance can come in the form of difficulty (i.e. Coil), time (i.e. soldiery caps), or randomness (i.e. atma). Here that balance is non-existent.

At the time of this posting, we’ve yet to hear an official statement regarding the Hunt content from Naoki Yoshida. The tweaks made in the hotfix were an acknowledgement of some of the more annoying issues with the Hunt content – but it did nothing to address the more important effect it is having on the game as a whole.

I sincerely hope this is addressed… and soon.

36 thoughts on “FFXIV Patch 2.3 Ushers In Game Breaking Imbalance With The Hunt

  1. I think a lot of the handwringing comes from people still thinking sands are still as valuable as they were in 2.2.

    That time has passed, and non-coil sands essentially just means we’re back to the 2.0/2.1 system where gear bought with casual currency (myth/soldiery) rivals the newest coil gear.

    Sands have just fallen off in relative value. People’s sense of value regarding them just needs some time to catch up. Hunts will quiet down a little as the initial zeal to get sands for your main/sub falls as it becomes too much of a bother to do for sands on your… 4th class.

    Items’ values will also inevitably cheapen… your friends giving you dirty look should just accept that. They can put that dirty look energy into clearing savage coil for the title or just take solace in that you can’t hunt for high allagan weapons.

    1. I think you’re missing the entire point of the article as well as what this bodes for future open world content.

      1. I definitely agree there are some problems with the implementation, but I also feel like a lot of problems are only really super severe on the high pop, end-game oriented worlds, where it’ll die down in time.

        But my reply definitely was generally speaking to the “game breaking unbalance” portion of the article, where I definitely disagree with the idea that this broke game balance at all.

      2. This game is solo friendly enough as is. Stop playing a Massivle Multiplayer Online game if you refuse to communicate and form groups.

        You dont deserve rewards just for showing up, adding a lock out just punishes the people actually participating properly and having success so FFXIV can have another mundane checkbox system instead of something with legitimate gameplay.

        The only crutch that should be added is to make daily and weeklies actually useful.

        1. “Without hunting I have about an hour, hour and a halfs worth of content to do in this game in a given week.”

          This may sound harsh, but that’s your problem, not everyone else’s.

          If you know anything about MMOs, you know that not all new content is designed for super hardcore end gamers. If you have burned through all of your content and are bored by what’s left, SE doesn’t have to alter new content to make it needlessly exclusionary to a majority of players just to give you something to do. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Hunts were ever marketed by SE as end-game content or even as solo-unfriendly. The players are trying to put it into categories based on what they individually want it to be.

          However I do agree that adding a lockout would only cause more complaints. That would be a bad idea, because it would only serve to make the coil groups happy that they get to be speshul snowflakes for a little longer until everyone catches up.

        2. Well, with such a congenial personality, I cannot possibly imagine why anyone would want to play solo rather than play with someone like you. Oh wait, it was opposite day for a second there. Just reverse everything in that first sentence, and that’s what I meant.

          I am a Final Fantasy fan first and foremost, not an MMO fan, and quite frankly, if I could play the plot offline, I would. However, since I can’t, this is one of the ways I chill with my husband. If this is your social life, have fun with that, but quite frankly I don’t see why you think everyone plays this game for the same reasons you do, or in the same way that you do. If I couldn’t play solo, I wouldn’t play. I bought the game, and I can play as I see fit. You have no right to tell me or any other solo player to stop playing just because I don’t want to talk to others or form a group.

          When I walk down the street IRL, I do not need to form a group, or meet with anyone else’s approval, or even talk to anyone else… the same goes for when I’m walking or riding around Eorzea. I’m an independent woman, and neither you or anyone else owns me, bitch.

        3. I agree with everything you said but would like to add I still would have preferred at least an option to group up in the main quest. I play about 2 or 3 hours solo then when my small group get on we party for about 4 to 5 hours or so in that time we had to break party almost 20 times just to complete the class quest or main and that bugs the hell out of me I just wish they added the choice to do those things either solo or group. Ps hope you don’t mind me intruding.

    2. Meanwhile, beautiful, interesting and development intensive (-> cost of the feature) contents like the new ramuh EX battle are delayed to second plan because the content is introduced/implemented/executed poorly.
      As a reminder, 2.1 EX primals where dropping i90 accessories + garanteed i90 weapon. The Hunt > All concept is entirely. Other contents should be highlighted but currenlty live in the Hunt’s shadow.

      1. I don’t disagree that Ramuh EX should be dropping i110 items. But that’s Ramuh EX’s problem, not the hunt’s.

  2. After a week, I have earned 4 Sands of Time and 2 Oils of time. Granted, I’ve put in a ton of hours into this, but since my group isn’t running 2nd coil just yet, even I have to admit it’s insane how I’ve acquired so many upgrades to my gear and I just ran around blowing up things during the hunt. This is compared to friends I have running 2nd coil in a static, and have to not only defeat turn 8, but then roll against other people to just maybe get their Sands of Time once per week. The chance for monsters to drop books worth 250 seals just makes it even more crazy.

    Curious as to where this system is going quite honestly.

  3. In my opinion, the hunts are a great concept, executed terribly. Why they chose to run them as essentially Unmarked FATEs, rather than a small modification of Treasure Hunts is beyond me.

    I suggest:
    – removing the current daily hunts for regular/FATE mobs. pointless.
    – instead put two rank B and one rank A bill up each day. Put a rank S up for each week.
    – while you have the bills in your possession, there is a chance that a little shiny silver ??? will appear somewhere in the zone for you and anyone in your party. Presumably that can’t be totally random, but perhaps randomised between 20-30 spawn points across the zone.
    – this chance is spawn-window based in the same way it is currently; 1hr for Bs, 4hrs for As, 48hrs for Ss.
    – once your party is gathered, like in Treasure Hunts, you can click the ??? to spawn the mob that pops locked to your party only. everyone in the party gets credit for the kill.
    – balance so that Rank B and A can be beaten by a light party and S by a very well-geared full party.
    – throw in a Bestiary log with the lore, like the sightseeing log, for good measure.

    1. What would the point of this be? We do not need more:

      -Small, timed events that keep you mostly in towns
      -More easy events that require no effort on communication or formation

      Hunting is a lot of fun for a lot of people, some people struggle with it and for those people there exists other content. I agree it needs tune ups but to change its design entirely would be a massive waste. It is extremely popular and everyone I play with loves them.

  4. The rewards are a little too good or too easy to get is one major problem. The amount of people is going to be huge for any open world content since the population is huge compared to XI.
    There needs to be something to limit the people from entering right away. Like Sky or Sea in XI you had to advance so far to start hunting those NMs.
    But anyways I am enjoying hunting things (something new). Its atleast something to do between trying to beat T9 and decorating my private chamber.

    1. I would argue that it’s not too easy: to get the hunt rewards… you need to go out hunting… that means finding a good group, working together in that group and staying cohesive in order to get the kills.

      Sure you might get lucky and bump into a mark before anyone else does on your own… but you’d have to be extremely lucky. You’d also have to be very lucky to find a group to carry you through a coil if you lack the skills… but I digress.

      Point I’m trying to make is this: in order to do well in hunts it takes a lot more than just individual effort and luck: you’re going to have to work well with others… which is something that’s required in MMO’s.

      1. The Hunt has many flaws. I personally find content like the hunt to be boring, no talent spam content, So, I choose to not participate. That being said, the hunt has completely ruined the content that I did enjoy. First off, since the hunt is the easiest way to i110 gear, everyone just does the hunt and the ques and party finder sit empty. Secondly, I want to EARN my gear. i want a challenge. i want coils and primals that take time and talent and give a feeling of accomplishment. Why on earth should a hunt player receive a reward even remotely as powerful as a coil or primal player’s reward? It makes absolutely no sense. And further more, I can’t stand how they keep nerfing anything difficult and placing echo buffs.

        I really wish they would make a server for people who don’t want nerfs, don’t want echos, don’t want unfair gear rewards and don’t want to listen to casual gamer crybabies. A server where SE doesn’t hold a player’s hand to make sure every child gets a piece of candy. If such a server existed, I would gladly start my character over.

        The only fix that I can see for the horrible damage done by the hunt thus far… would be to bump High Allagan gear to i115. Token gear should NEVER be anywhere close to end game, time and talent EARNED gear.

        I hear all the time,”it’s not fair to casual players that they can’t beat certain content or obtain certain gear”. Too BAD! If you play casual then you simply do NOT deserve the best in game. Period. And, if you are so casual, why do you care? What’s not fair, is the people who put in the hard work and weeks of raiding to get one piece of i110 gear, now have to play along side fully i110 geared casuals that can’t even access Coil 2 even with the echo buff. Just sad, horrible game desinging. The devs have ruined the balance far more than any Gil seller… they should be banned from making games.

        1. Didn’t mean to post all of that as a reply to you in particular… just meant to put it on the board.

        2. I hear where you’re coming from. It isn’t fair to the people who’ve been raiding second coil and so on.

          The argument would ring more true if I were a Dragoon/Monk/Black Mage/Summoner/Bard getting some drops in SCOB.

          Unfortunately I’m a tank… and in our static… tanks are dead last when it comes to priorities for Sands/Oils.

          The only way i’m going to be upgrading my gear anytime soon from SCOB is tank drops. Problem is: you gotta have tank drops to even roll on tank drops.

          6 weeks later after nothing but bard drops and we all realized we needed something. I wasn’t seeing anything anytime soon… so I thought of giving the hunt thing a try. 6 hours later and we all had 1 Sands of Time. The DPSers were happy. The Healers were happy. I was thrilled!

          For the first time in 6 weeks I could upgrade my friggin gear!

    1. There is a whole section talking about radar users?

  5. For me the issue is the mobs themselves are a joke, even without 3876324 players fighting. FATE HNMs, such as Odin and Behemoth, even the lesser ones Cancer, Gorgimera, Svara, and others (the ones with different music) all run circles around these Hunt monsters. If these NMs were at least slightly challenging to casual players, it would take some effort and additional time to get the kill.

    In theory these mobs are just like classic NMs and HNMs but they are just too easy.

  6. Hunting is great, it’s a fun, addictive scavenger hunt that harkens back to FFXI. Turning it into another easy, guaranteed event will completely up turn the fun little sink it has added to the game, I’m playing a lot more than before, planning more upgrade paths due to how efficiently I can farm and Im having a blast.

    Ripping out what we have and turning it into another FATE or Leve like event would ruin it entirely.

    Realize that not all content is for everyone. Yeah, there’s limitations to it as in you have to communicate and run timers but there’s limitations to all of the meaningful content. It shouldn’t have to bend to the general populace when it’s already flooded as is.

    All I think should change is the participation method, a hunter-scholar shout when a hunt is killed and a hunting log with background information and story.

    1. FFXI NM is all about having free time, claiming technique, and group killing skill. But the hunt is an mindless game. I just wonder why those ask for bringing FFXI features into FFXIV not going back to FFXI.

      1. Because honestly XI is ruined to those that played it for years and years with all the updates to bring it more in line with current MMOs. They bring more and more XIV features to it and added npcs that you don’t even need to work with other players to get things done.

        In either game players are getting fed up with being fed easy content.

  7. I’m not a hardcore player. Although I’ve been playing since re-launch, this is my first MMO and I came in solo minded because it’s a FF. This game has been really good in providing a transition from solo to MMO play.

    How does this relate to hunts? I tried hunts day one and hated them. I camped Naul (briefly) only to watch him go from full health to dead before I could get into target range (as a BRD). Got invited to a LS and got to hear how often things died. Post Patch, an FC mate invited me to join a hunt party. Teleport to an area, spread out, call if you find something. Find something? Get to the area, give an area shout, so others can participate. Wait. Couple more shouts, no response, pull. Full Credit. It’s generally only after a certain time that early pulls start happening. Point is, I’m playing in a (full) party. Working towards a common goal with people I just met and (those participating on) the server as a whole, and it’s fun (when everyone plays well).

    At some point, I will go into Second Coil, but I plan to be Completely Overgeared, because I’m not as good as the hardcore players and I’m ok with that. I’m playing this game on medium difficulty (via gear). I respect that there are hardcore people that want the challenge And the “Glory”, but complaining that I can progress while taking an easier route… seems kinda selfish.

    If you want an environment where people aren’t obsessed with gearing as fast as possible, be nicer to/more patient with the masses in instances. Every PF group I see that says “Mistakes will get you kicked” makes me want to gear up via hunts that much more. Speaking of which, I’ve yet to see a Hunt group in PF with anything resembling that perfectionist attitude.

    1. I like your alternative viewpoint Donoho and i’m glad you shared it.

      Me… i’m one of those people currently going through Second Coil while being slightly undergeared for it. I went into second coil because I wanted to fix my gear problem: I needed better gear so I can go into second coil… only way to get better gear was to get it from second coil… and so on…

      Hunts and Syrcus Tower in 2.3 are two ways to break that paradox… and boy am I glad for it!

      It also helps that I have that alternative as well: 4 weeks in Second coil and seeing no tank drops doesn’t help me fix my problem. Six hours hunting for the sands and oils necessary to upgrade my gear does. What ‘solution’ am i going to work towards?

  8. I disagree with every thing. New content is coming soon… Thief / Ninja will be out next patch which is going to be a huge patch…. who knows what gear will become obsolete.

    I’ve participated in hunts since day 1. There’s rivalry, spies, demonizing, and allied linkshells… It’s so amazing, because these monsters could just be content that you have to “Go find, kill, get reward.” …Woopdy do? another kill quest? But thanks to server pop and the psychology / polotics behind it. We have an actual HUNT…. You need to work for that mark.. you need to be fast. you need to know the right people, broaden your skills as a hunter, and claim your mark through any means…. You even have poachers! (people cheating with 3rd party software)

    It’s kind of amazing if you ask me. Thanks Yoshi-P :D

  9. I like the hunt, it’s given me something to do other than slave @ Oschon’s Torch trying to fish up these redik fish for the 2.2 rod.

    As far as what everyone’s saying… bad and good…. To me, it seems like everything is going to be pretty useless soon. New coil next patch, an expansion around the corner etc…

    Don’t just focus on the hunt, if there’s too many people going for them when you’re trying to do them go for it the next day, or plan a day during the week when you’re on that’s not ‘primetime’ to go hunt. It’s frustrating, I’ve walked away from a few hunt groups because people were too busy telling their 7 hunt ls’ before the hunt party they were in. Just walk away if you’re frustrated and try again later.

    Go do tower, or ramuh ex, or coil. (I bet tuesday nights are an awesome time to go for Hunt targets) Or, if you’re really weird, start fishing for HQ silver sovereigns like it’s not going to be another thing to drive you mental >.<;

  10. This article points out some problems with the Hunts but all of the complaints kind of boil down to “I had to do coils to get my gear and now people don’t have to so my gear isn’t as special anymore.”

    Think about it; nobody is MAKING anyone do hunts, you don’t have to participate in them, and they only make it easier to get your gear. The system may be flawed, but it didn’t replace anything. It’s just an alternative. You can still do coils. Being mad that people can get better gear without grinding raids is pure elitism and creates a worse gameplay environment than underhanded hunt tactics ever could.

  11. this article explains everything right. literally the whole server is just doing hunt, no dungeons, coils , second coils nothing, absolutely nothing else is going on just HUNT everyone that had weathered gear need sands and oils. and really no one will choose SC turn 3 or 4 if they can just do a 4 second fight in open field..

  12. Problem with hunts is that there are a shit ton of people, and everyone and their mothers want you to wait an hour for them to get there. I say too bad If you are too slow to make it then you should have studied up harder on when was the last kill and what zone was available to pop. You can’t wait for the entire server to get there or it becomes a lag fest. If there is a decent amount of people pull. The mob will eventually spawn again. I make it to 90% of the pops if i miss one oh well sucks, on to the next one. For people that want seals for glamour if you aren’t making it on time you must not want it that bad otherwise you would look for active linkshells. No matter what SE does there will always be someone crying about something in the game.

  13. It’s inevitable that an MMORPG puts in a ‘catch up’ mechanic so that newcomers can get into the end game raiding. The hunt is said mechanic. While it could use a nerf it’s probably not happening. Square is going to let it ride because once 2.4 goes live (which by the way if you think balance is bad now just wait for a new class /job) all this content will probably be meaningless anyways.

  14. I understand how this is frustrating, but saying it’s game-breaking is overdoing it a bit, isn’t it? I guess it makes for a better headline though.

  15. Hunts are a mixed bag. I love that it’s a way players can progress who may have been locked out of Coil. I love that it’s large group content…it’s not just 3 to 7 of my other friends or FC mates farming short content to the exclusion of the other 20 or 30 that may be online. It got people organized and out hunting and chatting on TS hanging out instead of 4 people spamming Brayflox for hours on end. Sure, I wish there was more challenge and strategy behind Hunt mobs and less of an old school Besieged zerg them mind set (which to be fair you still accounted for lots of dying and watching for moves in Besieged in XI), but my hope is that they can refine it in the future.

    XIV NEEDS more large group content. It needs something to cohesively get friends and players in large groups coordinating and playing together. Why the heck do we have Free Companies otherwise? Exceedingly disappointed Yoshi-P continues to reply to questions in interviews about how they are effectively designing for the lowest common denominator (solo/light party). I’m waiting for Sky/Sea/Dynamis styled combat systems here and no, Crystal/Syrcus Tower do not count for this. That level of group play has to be highly challenging that your top 15-20% are actively interested in it. CT/ST are interesting the first few weeks or early in a week before all the trolls come out or people just be bored because it’s too easy.

    I’m sorry to say but no, not all content should cater to all group sizes. There’s plenty of solo and light party content in the game in a variety. Lots of stuff to do that’s Full Party (even if some of it is very brief). There is nothing to do for more than 8 people currently other than Hunts.

  16. And they still did not fix the hunt today. All my hopes went down the toilet. Thanks square-enix for eliminating the best MMORPG out there and clearing the way for asocial immature pricks to zerg it into it’s own death.

  17. The article really struck me as if the writer didn’t really spend time trying to learn how to do hunts or organize with people. The information about the Elite Mark Bill with Naul was false, if you had the bill, and you participated in killing Naul, you got what was promised on the bill PLUS the 1 Seal, 3 Myth, 1 Sold. Second, yes, hunting alone sucks. That’s why it’s been crucial for hunters on my server to get more organized. It was rough the first few days, but over this past week, people have been downright civil. Hunting PF’s aren’t exclusionary, if people spam for “INV PLS” we shout back “PF”. If we have more permanent hunting parties, we scour zones and keep track of what was killed and when, so we can know what to expect when NM’s start spawning again. If there are multiple parties hunting, we have players share that information among their Linkshells. With a good network of linkshells and parties sharing sightings, we can easily say “A rank, ” or “A rank, ” (which allows you to share a you’ve selected) through our various FC’s and LS’s, and give people at least a couple minutes to port and run to the location. If people aren’t communicating, well, that’s your problem to teach them. Cooperating, we’ve been able to organize a hunting plan for up to five different marks that spawned simultaneously. When people start to realize that they can join a throwaway party real quick, and follow the order of the hunt, everyone will be able to maximize their rewards. What benefits will a poachers get when they’re taking down one mob and an alliance three times their size is mowing down two others?

    In any case, I’ve seen a community become much more engaged than what they were previously, idling around Revenant’s Toll waiting for something to happen.

    Or maybe you just miss the crowds of peasants adoring your High Allagan gear while you pose in the plaza.

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