Pet Food Beta 7: Erotic Flutter

petfoodbetabanner Vivi, Miroku, and some loud bird near Miroku’s window cover the July version update, which includes info about: HASTE 2! Other job adjustments, monster rearing, Star Sibyl trust magic, and more.
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4 thoughts on “Pet Food Beta 7: Erotic Flutter

  1. Listening to the show really makes me want to resub just to check the game out. But I’m having too much fun with XIV… Great show, keep up the great work. :)

  2. I think you guys ought to have mentioned augmented WKR gear for new player gear. It’s easier to get then well-augmented Skirmish gear, especially if you have to deal with Hagondes and its 1001 potential stats.

    And a loooong time ago (like NA PS2 launch) GMs did an event where they put on costumes and ran around cities. The one I remember was appearing as Crawlers and running along the walls in San d’Oria.

    1. I *think* I remember that event! I distinctly remember seeing several types of mobs in Bastok at one point not during the Halloween event!

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